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Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Dreams!: PMD:EoD Part V

by GamingGrovyle64

GamingGrovyle64 Sorry For the super later uupload.. getting really busy wih school :/
"Zack, I want to thank you," Tinker started, "You helped me get my necklace back plus we beat Shadow and Slasher!"
"No problem." Replied Zack.
Tinker then thought of the best idea ever. "Zack...We should start a rescue team!"
Zack was surprised for a momet, then ssmiled. "That's a great idea!"... Since I have no where else to go.
"We can register in town, past this forest." Tinker pointed towards the forest.
"Then lets go!"

"Boss...They somehow beat us!"
"Ya! Its like they gained more power!"
"It must be that Grovyle....Without him, That twerp would be beaten..."
"ENOUGH! Whoever this new pokemon is, he's going to ruin our plan!"
"Maybe hes the chosen one...you know the one we saw in the Empty Void Cave."
"Thats not possible....NOT AT ALL!! Now just watch those two then strike at the right time...GOT IT?!"
"Yes boss!"

It was already nighttime when Zack and Tinker made it to the rescue center. They walked in, they then see a Swanna behind the counter. "How may I help you two?"
"We were wondering if we could start a rescue team." Replied Tinker.
"Oh my! You two must be some brave boys...I'll ask you some questions before you can get started..." The Swanna clears her throat, "Question 1: What is both of your names?
"I'm Tinker the Pikachu."
"And I'm Zack the Grovyle."
"Alright. Question 2: What is your zodiac?"
"Mine is Leo." Said Zack
"Mine's Gemini."
"Last Question: What is your team name going to be?"
Zack turned to Tinker, giving him the We dont know look.
Tinker suggested," How about Team Gears?"
"Perfect!" Said Zack. "We'll be Team Gears!"
"Alright! Your all set. I'll tell the leader. You should be able to start tommorrow. You can choose your room."
Tinker decided to go for a top floor room, so he could get a great view.
"It is late...We should head to bed."
Tinker who was looking out the window said, "Alright..."
Zack and Tinker both lay in their beds, and closing their eyes and going to sleep.....
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