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Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Dreams!: PMD:EoD Part IV

by GamingGrovyle64

The duo raced towards the waterfall, going straight into it, Behind it was a cave.
"Wow...," said Tinker, "I never knew there was a cave behind this waterfall."
Zack and Tinker both rushed in, hoping to find Shadow and Slasher as fast as possible.

5th floor:
"We must be close to the end." Said Tinker

Deep Waterfall Cave:
There they were, standing here, examining Tinker Necklace.
"Heh! We can get some serious cash from selling this!" Yelled out Shadow, in excitement.
"Are we gonna split the cash, Shadow?" Replied Salasher
"Of course...50/50."
Zack and Tinker both rush in at that moment, hoping of getting Tinker's necklace.
"Dang it! Its the twerps!" said Shadow, "Didnt we tell you kids to beat it?!"
"Your not the boss of us! We're willing to fight you to get that necklace back!" Said Zack.
Shadow and Slasher laughed so hard, laughing at Zack &
Tinker. "YOU TWO?! Beat us?! Hah! DONT MAKE ME LAUGH!" Laughed Slasher.
"But if its a fight you want, its a fight you get!" Said Shadow.
"Get ready, Tinker!"
*flash flash*
"You twerps are gonna be in a lot of pain!
*Boss Battle Begin!*
"GO!" Yelled Zack.

Tinker charged straight at Shadow, ready to attack. "Iron Tail!" He hits him with it, dealing 14 damage.
Though Shadow grabbed Tinker's tail and threw him towards the cave wall, dealing 43 damage.
Zack headed towards Slasher, trying to hit him, but he kept missing.
Finnaly, Slasher used Shadow Punch on Zack, Dealing critical damage.
"Zack, Use a move!" Yelled Tinker.
"What move!" Replied Zack in an annoyed tone. He nevr been a pokemon before so he doesnt know what moves he has, nor how to use them. So he took a guess a move. "Leaf Blade!" And it worked! A leaf sword appeared in Zack's hands. He rolled with it, attacking Slasher with Very high critical damage, actually KOing him.
"What?!" Said Shadow, "How did you twerps KO Slasher!"
"Becuase we worked together!"
Tinker was starting to have sparks around him. "I can use Thunder Shock now!" And he used that on Shadow, KOing him too.

"Now give Tinker his Necklace back!" Demanded Zack.
"Grrrr...Fine!" Scowled Shadow, as he throws Tinker his necklace, "Take you stupid necklace! Slasher, lets bail."
Slasher and Shadow both ran out of the cave as fast as possible.
"W-we did it....We beat Shadow and Slasher!" Said Tinker, happy for once standing up for himself and getting his necklace back.
"Lets head out, too." Said Zack.
So the duo walked out of the cave, proud of themselves, for defeating their first thieves.
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