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Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Dreams!: PMD:EoD Part III

by GamingGrovyle64

The pikachu, who was bullied by Shadow and Slasher, was running towards the lake, crying his eyes out.
"Why...WHY ME?!" Yells the Pikachu. "All these bad things...happening to me....and I can't even fight back," He says, grabbing a stone from off the ground, "I wish something or someone would encourage me to become stronger!" Then he threw the stone in the water.
And thats when his wish did come true....
The pikachu was about to leave when he saw a grovyle laying on the shore of the lake, which was Zack. "Oh my gosh!" Pikachu gasped, running towards Zack. "Hey...Hey! Are you ok?"
Zack, who was super dizzy from the crazy trip, woke up, hearing the pikachu. "Huh.....A-A pikachu?"
"Oh good," Pikachu said, "Im glad you weren't KO'ed."
Zack's eyes widen, then he jumped back. "GAH! A talking pikachu!! How are you talking?!"
"Cause I can...I learned to speak..." said the pikachu, "Anyways, My name is Tinker. Whats your?"
"My names Zack."
"Well at least your ok..." Tinker sighs, looking down.
"Whats wrong, Tinker?"
"Its just that....I never really talked to anyone like this before....," says Tinker, sitting down on the sand, "You know...with anyone.....Ive been ignored ever since my mother and father died..."
"Thats terrible...." replies Zack.
"Ya...well the only thing I have to remember them is this..." Tinker shows Zack a necklace, it had a swirl in the middle and it looked like it was made out of a pearl, "Ive kept this hidden from others because of what this world has come to...full of thieves."
"Then how do you know you can trust me?" Asked Zack
"Cause I feel something....different in you." Replied Tinker.
And thats when Slasher and Shadow struck. Shadow came up behind Tinker, grabbing him and Zack together while Slasher caught Tinker's Necklace.
"HEY!" Yelled Tinker, "Give my necklace back!"
"Ha! No way, twerp!" Replied Slasher, "We're gonna go sell this for some big pokecash!"
"Give him back his Necklace!" jumped in Zack, "It's his prized possession!"
Slasher turned to Zack,"Well then! All the more reason to take it!" Said Slasher.
Shadow let go Tinker and Zack, while both Shadow and Slasher went straight to the waterfall, disappearing behind it.
"No! W-we have to go and get it!" Yelled Tinker. "But...Im too weak...Im such a weakling..."
Zack didn't like when people put themselves down, so he decided to cheer him up, "Dont worry! We're gonna get your necklace back! Cause I'll help!"
Tinker looked up, "You will?! Thank you so much!" said Tinker, "Now lets get my necklace back!"
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