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Emotional Stories: (Pls Read) The Cubone . . .

by Luke The Riolu

Luke The Riolu I read a story online that made me feel emotional, and cried, I re made it into this
It was a foggy night this is a story of a trainer who experienced something . . . wierd at Lavander Town
It was 8 PM, I finished the last few battles of my gym back at the Dehila Region, I decided to visit my long lost friend Rex, he was my first ever Pokemon, Cubone was his species. The way he died . . . Haunted me till this day, We were playing at Vermilion City when we decided to watch the sunset at the beach, in the distance I saw a Dog like Pokemon it was covered in white fur, black skin and had a crescent like horn, only then I realised it was an Absol . . . I panicked when I realised what it was I turned to my side just to find . . . Rex missing . . . As I noticed a group of Thugs killed him trying to capture him, I cried when I saw him my first Pokemon, my partner , my . . . Friend. After that accident i got into depression but it didnt stop me from becoming a Pokemon trainer, now I stand as the Dehila's Deseria City Gym, I have a team of a Mega Manectric, Blastiose, Lucario and Liligant, they are all over lvl 50. After a few hours of Surfing back to Kanto I made it to Vermilion the city where it all happened, Tears started to shower from my eyes as I noticed, that spot where Rex and I used to play was still there, small stains of blood were there, no one noticed as it was an isolated place back then. I forget about it and moved on. On my way to the Pokemon Tower I noticed on the side of a route I was on a small brown Pokemon holding a bone, I thought it was a Cubone but where was its skull . . . The skull wasnt on its head when I tried to interact it turned around showing bright blood red lifeless eyes, I jumped but when I got back up . . . it was no where to be found. I continued walking down the route everything got foggy and the fog got thicker and thicker as I go, and after a long howling ten minutes I made it to Lavander Town . I didnt want to be rude so I talked to the owner of the Tower if I could come in, Mr Fuji was his name. "You can go in but dont touch the gravestones of the Pokemons that belong to others" Mr Fuji said . I replied with a quick thank you and headed to the Tower. I remembered where Rex's grave was it was small and had a photo of me and him. I got up each floor to find some sad trainers next to their Pokemon's grave, as I was walking I found Rex's grave on the tallest floor "Here lies Rex the Cubone" written on the grave I sat down and cried for a moment . . . "Hey buddy . . . I came to say hi . . . Do you miss me . . . I miss you alot . . . I wish I could have you by myside . . . We can play on the beach . . . Drink some Berry Juice . . . Please forgive me Rex . . ." I said while crying, tears came down my face like a waterfall, It was all my fault to let the poor inocent creature die . . .But . . . When I got up I noticed the stair case that lead me downstairs was no where to be seen. I was confused but didnt care much so I looked around. The strange thing is when I looked around for a while and turned back to Rex's Grave a box was there "Who put this here ?" I mumbled . When I opened it, I saw something shocking, it was a Skull, It looked like a Dome Fossil but when I picked it up I dropped it as I was shock about what I was holding . . . It was a skull of a Cubone, attached to it was a note "Do you remember me ?" Written on the note with a blood red color, I started to freak out. I got up and ran down the rows of Graves I stopped as I saw what was infront of me. It was that same Cubone I saw on the route, Bloody Red Eyes, but this time they were dripping blood, Its stomach was cut open, organs spilled out of it with a puddle of black liquid "Dont you remember ? I was your best friend . . ." said the *Creature*, I almost vomited by just looking at it "No, I dont know what kind of crap you are but let me help you, you are badly injured" I replied standing there shaking infront of *it* "But we used to be best friends !" said the *Creature* walking slowly closer to me. I panicked and ran as fast as I could further away from it. "You're heartless . . .* a whisper came from behind me I turned around just to see I was standing at the same spot infront of the thing "Wait . . ." I said as something ran through my head. That creature reminded me of something, something important. And then it became clear, the *Creature* wasnt a *Creature*, it wasnt an *it* it was Rex standing infront of me, I quickly asked "Rex . . is that you . . .", *Rex didnt reply but instead vanished and a whisper came from behind me "Too late . . ." . I got up and sent out my Manectric. But a strange thing happened. Manectric was extremely scared, he looked like he saw something horrifying. I got worried and asked "What's wrong*. Manectric froze for a second and started Charging and Blasting of bolts of lightning. I quickly calmed him down. He was still scared I turned around and saw that Skulless Cubone standing there "How could you forget me" it said. This time however I didnt reply but instead I came closer to it . . .*Rex* vanished. I didnt understand what was going on, but I was relieve that Manectric calmed down. I walked along Manectric walking down the corridor filled with corpses and dead bodies . . . I was extremely afraid even on the walls there were blood stained messages "How could you . . . Why did you. . . You're heartless . . ." Written on the wall. I stopped to see *Rex* again standing infront of me . . . this time he looked worse than before . . . he was missing an arm. His eyes were pitch black, again dripping blood, His bone was cracked and his cut opened stomach got bigger, this time I could see his lungs, liver and other organs I noticed his beating heart . . . it was weak but still beating "Please Rex It's me !!! I havent forgotten you. . . Please. . . I didnt . . . forget you" I said while crying . . . "Pitty . . . But no forgiveness for a liar" When he finishes his sentence I noticed my four Pokeballs were gone and so was Manectric. I looked up and saw them petrified, as I tried to reach out for them *Rex* turned around "This was what I felt . . . Jason. . ." When he finished I saw my four Pokemon dying infront of my eyes . . . Manectric was Decomposing, Liligant was burning, Lucario's limbs was getting ripped and Blastiose had Roots spreading over its body. I just froze where I stand . . . "Heartless . . . He thinks that I killed him . . ." I said looking at my dead Pokemon with Rex still standing in the middle of the corpses. "Do you remember me now ? You heartless trainer. You raise me with love and now you treat me like trash." said Rex. "I didnt mean to Rex !!" I said as I was reaching out for him but in the end nothing worked. I just stood there looking at Rex walking away . . . further . . . and further . . . into the abyss of darkness. I suddenly had a flash and saw my self waking up at Rex's grave. I just sat there and sob . . . "Do you still love me . . . After what I did" I said . . . All my Pokemons were back . . . I saw the staircase and I was filled with joy but I turned around and saw Rex again . . . This time he looked much better his eyes were normal and so was his body he still had a few bruises " I can never hate you . . . But do you still love me . . .remember me . . . " said Rex. "I still love you and I will always love you . . . Rex . . ." I said looking back while walking down . . . This experience lead me to learning something . . . No matter what a friend will always be a friend . . . Ending a friendship is like crushing a heart. . . Dont treat your once best friend like a monster . . . even if he is alive or dead . . . That night I went home and slept peacefully and I had a dream where I saw Rex recovered from those wounds playing with me happily in Lavander Town . . .
  1. Ampharos' Dragon Blood
    Ampharos' Dragon Blood
    Nah, I'm just overly nitpicky. Sorry! I did like the story, though, it had a dash of creepypasta and I liked that. It kept the story going.
    Jun 13, 2019
    Luke The Riolu likes this.
  2. Luke The Riolu
    Luke The Riolu
    @Altari_owl I was 12 . . . Dont judge me . . .>w< yeah im a dumbass back then so meh
    Jun 12, 2019
  3. Ampharos' Dragon Blood
    Ampharos' Dragon Blood
    He slept peacefully after seeing his Pokemon brutally die?
    Jun 12, 2019
  4. Pokemon Ranger Kip
    Pokemon Ranger Kip
    Did the guys pokemon die?
    Nov 30, 2017
  5. Luke The Riolu
    Luke The Riolu
    @Midnight Princess just updated the story if you wanted to read till the end and thanks for liking
    Sep 13, 2017
    Midnight Princess likes this.