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Plot Idea for Pkemon live action movie...

by Sam Miller

Sam Miller My personal opinion on what I would like to see in a Pokemon live action movie.
Disclaimer: this is COMPLETELY my opinion like if you agree and comment on other things you would want in the movie (I will try to respond).
I hope that it won't be something that is not like the anime, games, or the origins series because lets face it, we have see them already why see a remake? What I want to see is a story were the evil team has taken over but a small organization of people have rose to put an end to the evil team. The small organization will be made up of: professor Oak and a few of his assistance, the main characters parents, one gym leader (Misty), and a few other people just willing to fight, in total it should contain 15-18 people. I think this will be based in a realistic version of Kanto, and the evil team will be team rocket as expected. The evil team has taken over the region by taking over all the gyms and taking the elite four holding them all captive. The main character hags around meeting with the secret organization but team rocket soon finds out about it and takes mater into their own hands. The main character, but lets just call him "Red" for the sake of this article, escapes but he can't keep hiding forever... But he meets up with the gym leader from the organization and Red also meets with Gary his Rival who wants nothing but revenge from what Team Rocket has done. He catches a Pikachu with the help of Misty and together they go on to try and stop the evil team leader: Giovanni who is in possession of Mewtwo. Misty and Gary get captured due to Gary's stupidity in revenge (Gary has a Rhyhorn). Red has to take on Team Rocket himself and his Pikachu evolves into a new form of Pokemon similar to Ash-Greninja and takes on Mewtwo and wins... obviously.
Let me know what you thought of my article and comment on what are your thoughts.