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Playing with Zorua

by Firox

Playing with Zorua.jpg
Firox just a silly idea that came to mind, for a friend as well
its username is simply ?, hope its fun
yes, my friend's Zorua sona has orange fur and not red or shiny blue

its Zorua sona name of ! just trying to enjoy an apple

when Fiona, ?, and myself come for a surprise visit - ? on mane fur waving, and Fi on my head tuft, all of us wave

once caught, ! looks surprised as Sylvee trying to figure out what happened

Fi caught it, giving it a comforting hug "so cute and fluffy"

Sylvee and I have a fun conversation
? is nibbling an apple
! is kind of thanking Fi for the nice compliment, trying to think of way to ge her to let go and have a treat