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Playing with Watchog

by Firox

Playing with Watchog.jpg
Firox All my Eeveelutions, most felines, and many mustelids - usually can tell when young Eevee kit (her name is Fiona, or Fi for short) is having, so they won't do anything bad when she plays with their tail... one thing she will learn is that...

Not every Pokemon is that way, some will get mad or very angered

Watchog is one of them that will get mad
Flower just trying to comfort her
"don't cry sweetie, not every one likes their tail played with"
Fi might need someone to play with or a good treat or a good hug to let this scary moment go by

yep, Watchog is one of my favorite Pokemon, from all looks like the one that makes the sort "meanie/bully"-like
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