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Playground at Midnight

by Lana The Umbreon

Lana The Umbreon WARNING: There is a mention of blood and killing. If you do not like this, then I recommend not reading this!!
It was midnight and I heard a knock on my window. It was, of course, Ben.

“Its time Jane.” He said in a whisper, I climbed out of bed and hopped through the window. Summer and Alex were their as well. There was a playground in town and no-one went there after 10:00 pm. So we were going to try it at midnight, which would probably be the same as if it was ten, but whatever. The four of us walked across the street and into the park. It was very dark, and all we had the one flash light Summer brought. When we got there, it looked scarier then we had thought. The swings were casting strange shadows, and the slides looked like Big snakes if you didn’t shine a light on them.

“I don’t like this.” Whisper Summer,

“I don’t either, but this will mean we know something the city doesn’t.” Alex replied, he always had something positive to say. Then we heard a noise, and it was coming from behind the bushes. Then a big figure jumped out and it was holding a huge machete! We all screamed, but we didn’t move. The machete was covered in blood, and all I could do was look at it, I didn’t want to, but I did. I wondered who he had killed last. Then I remembered that I had my camera! I took it out and snapped a few pictures. The flash was on and the figure didn’t like it. We ran away before, I could see where he went. We got back to my house and we rested.

“I got I picture!” I cried, I took out my camera and showed them, the big, bloody, figure. The next morning, we ran to the police station to show them the pictures. We had just helped the whole city. We told them that it didn’t like light.

“Thank you so much children, have a safe day, and please, don’t do it again.” He said smirking. While we were on our way home, I was still wondering about the big figure and who he had killed last…
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    Kasumi Daiyamondo
    Sep 3, 2019
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  2. PlayfulFox47
    Ah man! he didn't hurt anyone on screen!
    May 9, 2019
  3. Lana The Umbreon
    Lana The Umbreon
    May 7, 2019
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