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|PkmnLabs| Just some ARPG stuff

by LostlornForest

pkmnlabs nox ref.png PkmnLabs Waterlily ref.png pkmnlabs Blush ref.png pkmnlabs Cheeky ref.png pkmn labs scientistttt.png
HAHAHDFH-- AAAAANYWAYS! Here's some stuff for an ARPG group on Deviantart called PkmnLabs! The first four Pokemon in this pic are my starters! Nox, Waterlily, Blush and Cheeky! The human thingy?
Well, her name is Ivory and she's one of the scientists in Labs! She was a lab rat when she was younger and she was injected with illegally, and crudely made, Darkrai DNA, which caused half of her body to basically be turned into a Darkrai.

I actually have WAAAAAAAAAY more to upload, buuut I don't wanna swamp y'all with all of em in one post pfff