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PKMN Trainer Alex

by Prologue-9

PKMN Trainer Alex.png
Prologue-9 Continuing on with Link Stories characters, here's Alex, and her star pokemon Lex the Charizard. She was actually designed by artist-GJ, who's the other half of Link Stories, so you can read up on her here: http://artist-gj.deviantart.com/art/Trainer-Alex-and-Lex-challenge-you-to-battle-661248126 (Trainer Alex and Lex challenge you to battle)

Though, the bio is a little old...anyway, Lex was an absolute pain in the ass to draw. I'm still not satisfied with how he came out, but oh well, I'm sure I'll get better at drawing Charizard as I go along. I am satisfied with how Alex came out though - this was the first time I tried drawing the (nekkid) body first, then add the clothes on afterward. Think it really helps with making the character's clothes look natural.