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Requests: Pizza.

by Sciencewars

Sciencewars Here's my first request, from @AshGreninja ! The request was: "Pizza". Could have been a little more specific. Anyway, here we go! Visit my request thread in Creative Requests to request a story!
"Mooom, I don't wanna eat beans! Or an apple!" Tim whined. "Alright honey... It is your birthday, after all." Tim's mom exclaimed as the finally gave up to the whining. "However... What do you want?" his mother asked, looking over to the seven-year-old. "Uhhh... Uhhh.. I don't know."
His mother sighed to herself. This was really going to be a problem.

Three minutes later...
"How about some burgers?" The child suggested, after going though a list of suggestions. His mom, who was looking through the freezer, shook her head no before replying, "Sorry, buddy. None of that either. Anything else?" The kid thought for a moment before saying, "What 'bout pizza?"

Timothy's mother searched for a moment, before almost giving up finding anything. However, a bright red cardboard corner of a box caught her eye. Reaching over a box of popsicles , she pulled out the box. Inside was a mini-pizza, just the size for the child.
His mother said, "Guess what I just found, honey?"

Word count: 165
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