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Pixus Model

by Pixus

Pixus Alright, so I'll admit that this isn't really Pokemon related (unless you count the fact that she's pretty much identical to Rotom with her main ability), but I wanted to share this to the site to show what my models are like.
So, this is Pixus. She's a bit of a mascot for me, and... well, I don't exactly have much to say for her, other than the fact she's a bit of a computer virus and can possess other electronic beings and such. I thought that the blocky style would benefit her since she is, well, pixely in general... granted, the pivot point for her arms is kinda iffy, though.

I'll probably modify this description with more information about her, but I'm only really testing the waters of Pokécharms right now, and depending on the comments I get, I might add more of my models.
  1. PrincessPika~chan
    Wow, that's awesome~
    What do you use for this sort of thing?
    (Also, you don't need to worry about things not being Pokemon-related)
    Mar 2, 2020