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pirouette in the dark: pirouette in the dark

by kai spencer

kai spencer basically a pokemon trainer called jasmine runs in with the legendary pokemon darkrai
I awoke one night unaware of the dangers hidden in the shadows. "hello, anyone there?" I croaked. there was complete silence for all but 30 seconds. I was about to go back to sleep when I heard a strange slithering noise in the darkness "hello jasmine." the voice said. I was stunned and scared. I was about to scream when I realised my Pokémon. I grabbed a random poke ball and released the Pokémon within it. "shaaaay" the Pokémon squealed. it was shaymin. shaymin used poison powder. shaymin used poison powder but the weird foe managed to block it. "huh" I said surprised. "shaymin return."great now im going to break out a pokemon who will utterly destroy you." I told the foe. I jumped out of bed grabbed the master ball on my bedside table and threw it. "go diancie!" I yelled diancie popped out. I was really happy I wore my mega charm. "your not the only one who has a legendary pokemon". he replied. "go darkrai". for a moment I was stunned. living in the kalos region I have never seen darkrai in person so this was a big deal. my fingers roamed to my necklace were my mega stone was. I pressed it and diancie mega evolved. "diancie use diamond storm!" I screamed. darkrai screamed and fainted. "return diancie" I said softly. "no!" you impetuous child" "return darkrai!" he screamed... "this is not over" he said as he climbed out the window. I was feeling a little light-headed. I looked down and saw one of the spines darkrai shot at me before he fainted. my best friend Alistair rushed in. I looked at him and fell to the floor. "Jasmin" he screamed. "don't die please don't die I beg you" he was repeating. my las timage before I collapsed
  1. kai spencer
    kai spencer
    I spent like 2 hours trying to write this and yea. the next one will also be about darkrai but it will be called secluded darkness :) hope yew guys enjoy :D
    Jul 16, 2015