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Pikachu - The Thunder Stone

by Winston7220

Winston7220 Ash evolves Pikachu, finally! Will he regret it?
Ash wakes and finds himself in a cave with Pikachu. Suddenly, a voice startles them both. "Heeyyy!" he said. Pikachu sensed a rare stone in this miner's hand. "Pika...". "What, Pikachu? Oh, there's a thunder stone in his hand?" Ash said. Before he knew it, the miner dropped the golden orb and Pikachu was evolving. "Hey, I got a Raichu..." He was stressed about evolved Pikachu. "What should I call him? Is he still like Pikachu? Will he still like me?"

This is a series of paragraph works, so each one will be a paragraph. Keep that in mind.
  1. BayleyJay
    he wiil
    Sep 12, 2015