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Pick Your Starter

by Hybird Ragdoll

Hybird Ragdoll Welp, I haven't uploaded anything for a while, but there it is:

I'm making my own Pokemon region with fakemon (and probably the redesigns I did as regional variants) And ofcours for every region there a re 3 starter Pokemon so there they are. I actually thinking on making them 87'5% Female instead of 87'5% Male bc why not :3

But anyways which one of them you guys will pick?
Actually my sis and some friends of mine picked the fire one lol
  1. sylveonpictures
    Also they're all cute
    Feb 10, 2020
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  2. sylveonpictures
    I would choose the Grass/Fairy one
    Feb 10, 2020
  3. GymLeaderJojo
    Nice! I’lol pick the Grass one, I would pick all of them though! There so cute OwO!
    Feb 5, 2020
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  4. Hybird Ragdoll
    Hybird Ragdoll
    @Riverrunner Thank ya :D
    And sure, my idea is that your rival will have the one you're strong against, but once the rival's starter goes to their 2nd evolution your starter will be pretty screwed, like "gatch ya"
    Feb 3, 2020
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  5. Riverrunner
    I really like the detail of how every starter has a secondary type that helps its matchup with the starter of the type it’s weak to (rip to the grass and fire starters’ 4x weaknesses though). It’s a nice detail that makes the matchups more interesting than just “I picked the grass starter so I can automatically crush the water type counterpart”. Surprise! It evolves into a water/poison type. Your grass/fairy typing puts you at a disadvantage now!
    I feel like that would make rival fights much more interesting regardless of whether the rival picks the weakness or resistance of your starter.
    Feb 2, 2020
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  6. Night's Shadow
    Night's Shadow
    I also like the grass one best.
    Feb 1, 2020
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  7. Midnight Heart
    Midnight Heart
    These look really good! Nice job! :D If I had to pick one, I'd pick the grass one, it's super cute~
    Feb 1, 2020
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