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Pokemon Nuzlocke: Phantom Destiny (Revised): Phantom Destiny pt.1 (Revised): Mysterious Beginning.

by phoenixacezero

phoenixacezero This is a revised story of Phantom Destiny. This will have some element of the original one except it will make more sense. Also less sloppy than what I posted
Narrator Pov

Pokearth. A world filled with many wonders, excitement, and mysterious creatures known as Pokemon. Human and Pokemon live side by side in different ways. Some treat them as pets, some treat them as only tools, and other will treat them as citizens. In this world there are those that form team with pokemon are known as Pokemon trainer Their mission in life is to be the very best and leave their legacy to inspire the next generation. This is the story of one boy and a journey that would have an effect it would have on the world

Ep.1-Mysterious Beginning
Pink haired dark skinned Boy Pov

Tv: that was our feature movie "The house on haunted hill."
Me: man that was way better than the first one. I wonder what else is on?

My name is Rocko Blitzshell. I'm a just 10-year old. I like watching horror movies, eating sweets and listening to techno. You're probably wondering, why I'm at home and not going on a Pokemon Journey. Well the problem is that there no pokemon lab in Twinleaf Town and the nearest lab is in Sandgem Town. The only way to get there is to go through the tall grass and the last time a kid went into the grass without a Pokemon he was attack by a pack of bidoof. He was sent to therapy. But the main reason is because my mom's fear me dying cause of the league's new rules in Sinnoh.

I channeled surfed looking for something good to watch TV. I heard footstep and look turned around and saw a spiky light-brown haired boy with navy blue eyes. He wearing a light yellow trench coat with six orange stripes, a black t-shirt and black pants and silver chains around his neck.
Spiky haired boy: There you are!

This is Brutus Starnel. My next door neighbor. We known each other since we were 3 years old and during the time I spent with him he got me in so much trouble that I would consider him a glutton for punishment. He also have a tendency of being impatient.

Brutus: So did you hear. Rowen back in town.
Me: He is?
Brutus: Well duh. It was on the news. Didn't you watch it?
Me: No. I was watching a horror movie.
Brutus: Anyways I'm planning on getting a Pokemon from Rowan. Wanna come with?
I stare at him in confusion.
Me: What about the grass?
Brutus: Don't worry I got the ultimate plan. Meet me at the route and don't be late or I'm fining you 10 million pokes.

Brutus ran off faster than a doduo on a sugar rush before I can give him my answer. I tried to stop him but, after I took one step a buzz echo through my head and my vision start to blur as my world slowly became black as night.

…???: Child hear my voice. I have to warn you that your world is in great danger but you have a gift that can save the world.

I regain consciousness as I shook my head.
Me: Just what was that.… huh?

I looked closely at my right arm a notice a gold bracelet embedded with two jewels around my wrist. I shrugged it off and went downstairs.

???: Rocko!

I look in the direction of the voice and saw my mom holding a cup of coffee.

Me: Hey mom.
Mom: Brutus already left. I don't know what it was about, but he sure was in a hurry!
Me: he just got a new game. He came over to invite me to play.
Mom: Oh okay. Just be home for dinner and don't go into the tall grass.
Me: Fine.

I left the house felling a little bit guilty about lying to her. But if Brutus' plan works, I'll get a pokemon. My heart race with anticipation as I headed toward Brutus house. I was about to enter when suddenly Brutus collided with me as I was about to enter my house.

Brutus: WHAT WAS… huh?

He looked at the mysterious bracelet on my wrist.

Brutus: COOL BRACELET, WHERE DID YOU GET… never mind lets go.

He grabbed me by my hand and dragged me to route 201 AKA the same route that kid was attacked by a pack of bidoofs.

Me: So what the plan?

It times like these that make me wonder why I come along with this guy sometime.

Me: That the dumbest idea ever.
Brutus: Come on. It will work.

He backed up and started to dashed toward the grass, letting out a yell.

???: HOLD IT!

I turned around and saw a old man with white and judging by the expression on his face he was pissed.

Rowan: You two don't seem to have any pokemon on you, am I correct?
Rocko: Yes.

We winced back as if we came across a rabid houndour. I looked back at Brutus and noticed his expression changed.

Brutus: Hey Rocko? This old man… this guys is professor Rowan? What is he doing here…?

This guy was Rowan. The world-renowned professor that devoted his time studying Pokemon evolution. I can't believe it. What is he doing on route 201?

Rowan: You two. Do you truly love pokemon?
Rocko: Of course I love pokemon. in fact; I wouldn't be here if I didn't.
Brutus: Me too! I love pokemon too!
Rowan: I will ask you again. Do you-
Rocko & Brutus: YES!
Rowan: Fine I will give you two Pokemon of your own only if you promise not to endanger yourself like that again.

A bluenett girl about my age wearing a pink winter jacket and a white ski cap walked toward us carrying a suit case.

Dawn: Professor Rowan you left your briefcase at the lake!… is there something wrong here.
Rowan: Ah there it is! Dawn, Nice work. I was about to entrust a pokemon to these two with their own pokemon.

A concern look appeared on her face.

Dawn: Are you sure?
Rowan: Of course.

Dawn put the brief case down and opened it. In it was three poke balls with a sticker of the pokemon that was in them.

Rowan: Go on! Choose one of these pokemon as your starter.

Brutus' eyes lit up and my heart raced. He just offereed us to choose a pokemon. This is officially the best day of my life by far.

Brutus: Really?! Prof. Rowan! I can't believe it! I'm so happy now that I can't keep a straight face! Hey Rocko. You choose first. I practically a grown-up.

I chuckle at the thought of him wear a monocle and grow a giant mustache.
Rocko: Okay man. Let see...Fire monkey, penguin, or plant turtle?

What will Rocko choose? Where did the bracelet come from? And why is dawn so concern? Stay tune. Now back to the action

Rocko: I've decided.
Dawn, Rowan, and Brutus: Finally. You know how long it took!

I tossed the poke ball chose into the air and a bright white beam shot out of it. The light took form and a chimchar stood in front of me. It looked around and stared at me.

Chimchar: Yo my trainer.
Rocko: Yes am yo- Wait, you can talk?
Rowan: What are you talking about?
Rocko: This chimchar just talked.
Brutus: I choose piplup.
Rowan: good. We'll be taking our leave. Come along dawn.
Dawn: coming. Pardon me boys.
Rowan and Dawn walked away leaving us alone with our pokemon.

Brutus: Rocko, I challenge you to a battle!
Chimchar: Listen man we're going to fight this kid and win. I'll leave you if you lose.
Rocko: Okay.

5 minuets later. You're not really missing much. Just a battle involving basic weak moves.

Brutus: I lost.
Chimchar: HAHA! You suck.

I went home and told mom what happened. My mom scolded me for hours. My chimchar laugh at my misery. One of these days, I'll get back at her. I decided to go to bed.

… ???: child can you hear me.
Rocko: huh?
That voice… it was the same one from before.
Rocko: who are you?
???: I am Arceus. You have been chosen to be the bearer of the gear of life.
Rocko: the gear of life?
Arceus: the bracelet you dawn around your arm. It is a powerful relic. It will allow you to communicate with pokemon you've form bonds with. It also have another function. To free those under his spell.
Rocko: what about what?
Arceus: Someone has taken control of the Pokemon League. He has also gain the support of a powerful group.

I shook my head in confusion as I tried to wrap my mind at what this being just said. I mean I heard some scary stories before, but this is ridiculous.

Rocko: Okay. But what can I do?
Arceus: Simple. You must go battle and free the Gym leader, the Elite four and the Champion. They are being used as puppet by the traitor. Only then can you save the lives of those who fallen under his spell.

And so Rocko's quest begins. Will he be able to beat the elite four or will he fail. Stay tune