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Pokemon Nuzlocke: Phantom Destiny (Revised): Phantom Destiny ep.3: Lance (Revised)

by phoenixacezero

Pokemon belong to gamefreak. nuzlocke belong to nuzlocke. my oc belong to me.

Brutus' Piplup Pov
Route 203

It been only a couple of days since I officially became a trainer's Pokemon and thing been fun. My first impression of my trainer is that he one of those impatient reckless type in battle and he would only catch random Pokemon, but he seem to know what he is doing... sometimes. Plus he seem dedicated on to training. If he can discard his impatient side, He might have the potential of being the champion.

Brutus: Alright Lance, Let try to catch a pokemon before we head to the gym.
Me: {pokespeak.} Right.
???: Excuse me?

We turn around and saw a blue hair man. I froze up, my instincts screaming, telling me to be on guard.

Brutus: Hey, you're that creepy guy from the lake. What do you want?
Blue hair man: Let me introduce myself. My name is Cyrus. I would like to challenge you to a pokemon battle.
Brutus: You're on! Ready Lance!
Me: ... {Pokespeak} Yeah.

If only I knew what would happened next, I would have refused and convince my trainer to run away. To avoid contact at all cost. It too late to save him.

Rocko's Pov.

We decided to do some training against some wild pokemon. I notice several things. One that Celeste and Loki are powerful physical attacker while Chimmira is a strong special attacker and Bob is going to be difficult to raise.

???: hey man

I looked in the direction of the voice and see a youngster.

Youngster Tristian: let battle!
Me: sure, Loki are you up for a battle?
Loki: sure thing bro.
Youngerster Tristian: Go starly.

Tristian toss out a poke ball. The poke ball snapped opened and a starly materialize from it.
Loki: wassup
Starly: (pokespeak) My opponent is surfer wannabe.
Loki: harsh. beside I get seasick
Starly: eat this... MY QUICK ATTACK OF DOOM!
Tristian's Starly tackle Loki at high speed… but it barely hurts him.

Tristian's starly: You are a worthy foe, there forth I will give you 5 shot to defeat me.
Loki: okay.
Loki use tackle on the starly to toss it into the air, then bounce it two time on his head and back flip kick it into a tree.

Starly: (pokespeak) h-how… can… t-t-this…

Tristian's Starly fainted. Our eyes widen with surprise and amazement at what just happened.

Youngster Tristian: I lost… but how.
Loki: I found a hacky sack back before I met you guys.
Celeste: Really. Your really a cool kid Loki.
Celeste gave Loki a cute wink. A slight red blush appear on Loki's cheeks.
Loki: thanks.

Youngster Tristian grab his Starly and ran.

A lass with a bidoof rush over to me.

Lass Natalie: cool win. I wanna battle you next
Celeste: I'll take this one.
Lass Natalie: go bidoof.

Bidoof jump in front of the lass and Celeste flied up and cleared her throat.
Celeste: good evening lady and bidoof. What do you get when you cross a rodent with wings.
Bidoof: (pokespeak) wha-

The bidoof got cut off by Celeste's Wing attack and went flying into the air.

Celeste: a flying squirrel.
Me, Chimmira, and Bob groan at Celeste's bad joke, while
Loki: Well you have to admit that she strong.
Celeste: Thank you, your all a lovely audience.

Bidoof landed on the ground, still conscious. The lass recalled it into it's Poke ball.

Another youngster holding a burmy come running up to us.

Youngster Logan: my burmy wants to battle you.
Burmy: (pokespeak) Let me at them.

As soon as Chimmira stepped foward, Logan's eyes widen in fear.

Logan: On second thought, I just remember that burmy just battle a tough opponent and is tired.

Logan ran away.

Chimmira: What... NO! I don't want this kind of victory. What was that all about?
Me: His action are justifiable. He feared that I would kill his Pokemon.

Chimmira, and Loki looked at me in confusion.

Chimmira: What do you mean?
Celeste: You guys really don't know about the new rules that were put in place.
Loki: No.
Chimmira: Rocko, is there something you need to tell us.
Me: There few new rules that were one of the new rules that were placed by the league is that Trainers must kill the others Trainer's Pokemon in battle.

Chimmira and Loki let out a collective gasp of shock and disbelief.

Chimmira: Yo..your kidding right..This is a joke.

I shook my head. Chimmira gritted her teeth and pounced on me.

Rocko: I thought you knew.
Chimmira:... Listen to me carefully. You're going to become champion and when you do; you're going to get rid of that rule.
Rocko: Okay.
Loki: What are the other rules? please tell that we can't use Pokemon Center.
Rocko: No luckily. We can only catch the first Pokemon on each route and We can't catch the same Pokemon even if that one dies.

Bob: HELP!

Bob ran passed us with a pack of angry Pokemon chasing after him.


After I trained bob some more we headed to Jubelife city I ran into dawn. So I decide to walk with her. I told her the progress I made so far on my journey.

Dawn: you caught only for pokemon.
Me: yeah. What about you Dawn?
Dawn: Only that Bidoof, but it not good stats wise. I'm planning on just using it for HM. Let's head to the pokemon center and heal up.
Me: Yeah. If we can find it. I mean this place huge. We can easily get lost.

It took us a while but we manage to find it.

Dawn: Huh?
Me: What is it?
Dawn: that man… what he doing?

Dawn pointed at a man hiding behind a streetlight pole. He had faded black hair, a light brown jacket and pants, and a brown shirt.

Me: I don't know, but he look badass. He probably part of an international police.
Looker: … how did you know?
Me: Cool old detective outfit. to be honest I was guessing.
Looker: your power of observation and deductions are fearsome. Quite admirable are you! Now that my cover is blown, let me introduce myself. I am the globe-trotting elite of the International Police. My name… Ah, no, I shall inform you only of my code name. My code name, it is Looker. It is what they all call me. Incidentally, is the saying "don't be a thief!" familiar to you.
Me: I know the phrase. It one of the most basic rule in the trainer handbook
Looker: yes, that is correct. Taking what belongs to others is wrong. Be on the look out for team galactic that are after people Pokemons. Take this.

He handed me a Vs. Recorder. The Vs Recorder was design as a way for trainer to record pokemon battle in to make sure there was no cheating going on.

Looker: I have no use for it. You can have it. also inform me of any strange activity.

He ran off into the blue yonder.

Me: that… Was… AWESOME!
Dawn: If you say so...

{One heal later}

Me: So know any interesting places?
Dawn: Well there the trainer school.
Loki: Ugh.
Dawn: What wrong with your shinx.
Me: I think he hate school.
Dawn: Maybe they have schools in the wild.
Me: Maybe? Wanna come with?
Dawn: I already visited the place. Thanks for offering though. Bye.

I checked out school much to Loki's dismay. Chimmira had dragged Loki by tail which was funny especially the fact that he flailed like a magikarp. I wish I had a camera on me. A random student's starly tried to hit on Celeste and got wing attacked so hard it saw stars and a
bidoof got hacky-tackled for picking on Loki. The trainers gave me a potion as a way to say sorry. Turn out their pokemon had some attitude problem.

Me: Where did he go?
Loki: can we please leave?
Me: okay, okay.

We left the school heading for Oregburgh only for some guy to stop me and force me into a contest To find clowns. Again don't show your scardy cat Chimchar "killers clowns from outer space" or it will punch random clowns in the nose. Well at least I got a free poketech.

Me: Let go head for Oregburgh and… huh?

There was Brutus standing near the sign post with a starly. When I got closer

Brutus : starly destroys Rocko.

The starly flew into the air and dive straight toward me.

Chimmira: burn you bitch.

Chimmira launched a flurry of embers at it and shot it down.

Me: thanks Chimmira for that.
Brutus: Hmph..

Brutus opened a Poke ball and sent out his piplup. He then smashed the Poke Ball and ran away.

Me: What the...
Me: Huh…

The piplup charged toward me. Celeste jumped in front of me and took the hit for me. It kept up it assault on Celeste.


A golden glow surrounded my premier ball.

Me: Huh?
Arceus: Use the ball on the piplup.
Me: huh?
Arceus: Catch it. Only then can it soul be saved. Catch it will save it.
Me: Understand.

The piplup a warped cry with a dark menacing aura aimed at Celeste . The aura surround Celeste causing her to scream in pain as she falls to the ground. I grab the premier ball and toss it at the piplup. A golden aura surround it as enter into the premier ball. It shook 3 time and let out a ping. I picked up it and couldn't help but feel sad about it. Brutus abandon his starter. Why?

Lance's Pov

???: is he okay?

a voice? who does it belong to? It sound... kinda cute.

???: I don't know Chimmira. he been out for hours.

Chimmira. What a lovely name. I opened my eyes and standing there was a brown skinned trainer with pink hair and light green eyes, a shinx wearing a dark blue ski cap with the words Burning Subzero, a bidoof wearing a red sleeping cap eating potato chips and a starly wearing a aqua green spotted bow, and a chimchar with a blue blow around her neck.

the starly: Are you okay?
Me: Umm yeah i think so?
Pink hair trainer: Do you remember anything?
Me: All that i remember was me and my trainer were heading to Oregburgh, hen this man wear an odd outfit came up to and challenge us to a pokemon battle. We didn't stand a chance. The man then lifted a black bracelet and a weird menacing aura surrounded him. the next thing i knew a black mist with a evil red aura surrounded me. and then... and then... ugh

I clasps my head in pain.

Pink hair trainer: Easy. you been through a lot to day.

I looked around and notice that my trainer wasn't there.


I looked at the young man face and notice a look filled with despair.

pink hair trainer: well it a long story.

He explained everything to me and to be honest it sound unbelievable. About my trainer attacking them, me trying to kill the starly, but what i found hard to believe the most was my trainer deserting me. what happened to him?

Pink hair trainer: Listen I'll promise that everything will be fine. but we need your help.
Pink hair trainer: The name Rocko. These are my pokemon. Chimmira the chimchar, Bob the bidoof, Celeste the starly, and Loki the shinx.
Me: Hello. My name is Lance. Also sorry about attacking you lady Celeste.
Celeste: It okay. you weren't yourself.
Rocko: nice to meet you. When your ready, talk to me. I'll be waiting in near the entrance.

Rocko left, leaving me with the others. I looked at Chimmira and smiled at her. I knew who she was. She was that cute Chimchar that I battle from earlier. I heard that the professor got a new Chimchar after giving the last one to the last trainer. I wonder if I can charm her.

Me: Soooo, Chimmira.
Chimmira: Yeah?
Me: Is heaven missing an angel, because I see one right now.
Chimmira: Heh...heh.. heh... I going to get a drink
Celeste: I'll come with you.
Bob: I'm going to get more chips.

Everyone left room except for me and Loki. the air was tense as he stared with the same angry look not saying a word. I decided to try to break the silence.

Me: Nice weather w-
Loki: Listen Bub. Celeste may forgive yo but that doesn't mean i do. if you try hurt my friends, especially Celeste, i will kill you. Got it.

I shook my head yes out fear of what this guy might do to me if I said no.

Loki: Good.

This is going to be a rocky journey.