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by Rex

Petrified V2.png
Rex Caught in the act, this thief was petrified, turned into the very metal that he coveted. He stands now at the entrance to the museum, as a warning to all who might dare to follow in his footsteps: "Don't steal from a Wizard."


You can thank @Kyubeon for this image being put up here, I had to change some parts to make it suitable for upload, and I only did so at their suggestion.
  1. obey_jaidon
    Dat pose tho....xD love it ♥
    Apr 8, 2015
  2. The Voltagonist
    The Voltagonist
    Mmmmmm... I very much like this one. :up::)
    Apr 7, 2015
    Pikachucat97 likes this.
  3. Pikachucat
    STEPHANO !!!!
    Apr 7, 2015
  4. Shiny Pyxis
    Shiny Pyxis
    And I will say this again, this is an amazing piece! Really loving the colors and the shading/highlights, the background is gorgeous as well, and just everything about this is amazing <333
    Apr 7, 2015