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Peachy Memories 1: Shock and Awe

by AceyPie

AceyPie A little thing I did to pass the time and a very obvious Easter egg to those who have actually played the game
Cuba, ??? . Aug, 25 2002

"Hey! Grace we're almost there... Open your eyes..." A Black-skinned Soldier I'm sorry my memory's a bit fuzzy can't remember his name... He snapped his fingers as I opened my eyes we were in a Military ATV along with a 3 more Soldiers, I was the only girl "As you sure you wanna do this? We can have out driver send you back your awfully young to die . . . Silent Sour Puss type eh? Recker you got a Silent friend!" The same Black Skinned soldier joked "Don't Discourage the Young lad..." A Presumedly Aussie soldier He was a Sergeant spoke up which I don't remember the name to as well... I'll try to "We're here..." The Driver said as he stopped "Alright boys... Lock and Load" The Sergeant checked his Magazine as the door opened and all of us rushed out "Mission Debrief, Sir" Pac an Old Friend I didn't even know was in the Military until a few weeks ago "We're here to find out where the Chinese Bastards keep the Intel to their Nuclear Weapons..." The Sergeant replied "So we're getting Intel.. For Intel?" The Black-Skinned man Replied as I was scouting for Tangos... Ah I remember the Leader's (Sergeant) name now it was Dunn... I think.. Yeah it's Definitely Dunn he was a hardcore soldier Stealthier than all of us. He knows what he's doing when it comes to Stealth. So it would've been natural for Command to choose him, I'm just wondering why they chose me too. He wore a standard Bullet Proof Vest with Camo Attire. I think the Equip we had were Scar-H's with Holographic Sights, Extended Magazines and Silencers with Claymores and Grenades "Irony Huh?" Dunn Turned to me, "Grace you take Recker and scan the left side the three of us will scan the right side" Dunn began walking with Pac and the Black Skinned man as Recker started to take lead without even warning me "Hey who said you could lead?" I catched up with the Silent Soldier or at least that's what everyone calls him "Can you at least answer me? Who. Said. You. Could. Lead?" I asked question after question before he finally answered "Because I'm higher ranking than you..." Recker replied before staying silent again for the whole trip on the left side before meeting up with the others " See anything?" The Black Skinned man asked Recker as he shook his head and I pouted because of him not letting me shoot some Chinese Bitches "OK to get inside we're gonna need something Cunning, Something Clever and preferably with an Awesome Entrance" Pac butted in "Or we can go down through this Hole..." Dunn crawled through it followed by Me, The Black-Skinned man whose name I still do not remember, Pac and Recker "Is Pac always like this?" I whispered to Dunn "More or less" He replied whilst continuing to Walk before taking cover in a nearby Red Barrel "Dude don't take cover there" Pac and I said the same thing at the same time "Red Barrels Always explode" I continued Pac's Sentence "Not all Red Barrels explode" Dunn stated "Yeah this ain't a game" The Black man agreed with Dunn "You guys are not big gamers huh?" Pac changed cover and went in for the kill with a Knife and went into cover again by the corner of a Building, Dunn went ontop of a Shipping Container, The Black Man went inside a Building and I went went up the stairs to a Sniper Tower. . . . "Alright Grace, You clear the tower, Irish cover Pac's Six, Pac and Recker you go find the Intel. . . ."Dunn speaked into his Comm as I headed for the Tower and Literally stabbed everyone there in the back" Only one left..." I spoke to myself right before stabbing someone in the back. Again. I laid him down on the metal panels and picked up his Sniper "Alright Sniper's are Down" I said looking through my Binos (Binoculars) "Pac three Tangos on your 12" I spoke through my Comms "Yeah I see 'em" Pac shot one as I shot the other tw- Uh Coming! Can we continue this story another time the doorbell just rang and I'm having a reunion sorta thang is that ok? Bye I guess... You can come over tomorrow!