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Peace Restored By Blood

by NightRaven

NightRaven Alright, so another death that may be well known (and it includes one of my favorite prophecies!). This is how Hawkfrost dies; he's impaled by a stick in the chest (Is it bad that I find it strange, hilarious, and yet an amazing death?).

Anyways, I would've loved to add a background, however, the stick was already a background layer...
The app I use doesn't tolerate mid-ground layers properly, so adding a background was impossible (because the filler tool covered the stick anyways.). I tried merging the middle-ground layer and background layer, but the app decided not to work right.

Soon, I'll try and figure it out (maybe, since it doesn't tell me which layer is which, I'm just getting it, somehow, confused, now that I'm starting to think about it.), and when I do, I'll change the image to having a background.
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