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Path of Destiny Chap 2 Fight for Freedom

by AshleePlays535

AshleePlays535 Tornado:"BlackFang if you don't back away from this Ralts this instant I will have to slice you up and cut you into little pieces of Houndoom and Houndour steak fun!" BlackFang:"do it then I'm not scared!*fires another flamethrower and then a big dragon figure lands infront of BlackFang but then leaves* BlackFang:What the hell was that?!" Then out of nowhere StormWind injures BlackFang badly leaving a scar on her right eye and 3 cuts on her stomach and tail she then faints and the group leaves BlackFang there PhychicStorm:"that was close!" Tornado:"yep!" StormWind"*Notices something Purple glowing in the dirt* I think something's glowing in the ground over there!" PhychicStorm:"Don't touch it! It's called Forbidden Attacks they stay in you for the rest of your life until the day you die nobody should touch them!" Tornado:"Forbidden attacks.... where have I heard that before...?" StormWind:"well I guess we better rest it's getting late" Tornado:"yeah we should rest" the group goes to sleep except for StormWind he lays in a tree punching his head because he can't stop thinking about Tornado like she is taking over his mind. StormWind:"Ugh! stupid thoughts I need to sleep! Tornado:"StormWind what's wrong!?" StormWind:*i should lie I don't need to tell her*"Nothing just stupid thoughts on video games!" Tornado:"okay then!*goes back to sleep*". StormWinds face turns red then he finally falls asleep. Tornado can't stop thinking about StormWind though she sleeps peacefully she tries not to dream of StormWind and successfully does not think about him anymore or did she?... *Everyone wakes up at 6:00 AM to start moving again StormWind is slowing down though* Tornado:"StormWind do I need to fluttery you all the way to where we are going?" StormWind:"No no I can walk myself" From a far distance a dragon was watching the 3 go deeper into the forest then he flew off following them only the one sign was fire on the dragons tail.... to be continued
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  1. AshleePlays535
    Didn't mean to name it path of destiny
    Jul 18, 2015