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Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon Walkthrough: Part Two

by CrazyUmbreonLady

CrazyUmbreonLady Spoilers ahead! This where we get to the actual game itself.
Get ready for some narratives! I really don't feel like typing this out, since it's still the beginning.

Cue the two companies that present you this game...

Nor will I explain the first cutscene. Basically, Deoxys sees Rayquaza fly past and wonders why the heck it's not in the ozone layer.

Chapter 1

Those That Live on This Planet and Those Who Have Come To This Planet

You wake up, and you feel like someone is calling you, but aren't exactly for sure. You also find out you have amnesia. Yay! Well, you do remember your name. You're also thirsty, so you take a nice drink of water from a nearby lake/waterfall.

But what's this? You see your reflection...

And you're a Pokemon!

Understandably, you're shocked about this. You were pretty sure you were human.

Suddenly, you see a trio of Pokemon! And they...flicker to each other? Wait, is that how they communicate? And you have no clue whatsoever what those Pokemon are.

The strange Pokemon, for no apparent reason, attack you! You run away, the Pokemon in hot pursuit. Then you see another Pokemon, seemingly taking a nice little stroll. Of course, he's wondering why you're in such a hurry.

The Pokemon talked! Said Pokemon apologizes, for whatever he did to you (gave you a fright, that's what), and introduces himself as Nuzleaf. You think it's because you're a Pokemon, too.

Your attackers come back to getcha! You both flee from them. But you encounter a mystery dungeon! You decide to go anyways to escape.

Open Pass


Selene (Riolu)

Nuzleaf will explain that each time you enter these dungeons, the layout will be different, so you never have the same adventure twice. He'll also mention that the Pokemon are aggressive, which makes dungeons even more difficult. You have to find the stairs if you want to move on!

Nuzleaf takes the lead in this part of the tutorial. You encounter a sleeping enemy Pokemon, which will attack you if it wakes up. He'll show you how to take care of this problem. He oneshots it with one move, and you both move on.

Of course you two find another napping Pokemon. You get to try to take it on yourself. Walk up to it and hold down L to choose a move. You select one by pressing X (top), Y (left), A (right), and B (bottom). You also do an oneshot, but bear in mind that won't be the case for most of your playthrough. Keep an eye on your PP (Power Points) too, because you won't be able to use that move if you run out! You can also attack with just A outside of the Moves menu, but it only deals five damage, which isn't a lot. But it's good for something else, as you'll find out later.

You find an item on your way! Walk on top of it to pick it up. I picked up an Oran Berry, which not only restores health but increases your maximum HP for that adventure! It won't stay though.

You finally find the stairs! You have to find the stairs if you want to advance. Walk on it, where you are given the option to go on. There's not much left here, so just pick yes. In other cases, you can pick no to keep exploring.

This time, you take the lead so Nuzleaf can keep an eye out for those Pokemon. You can experiment with other mechanics. For example, there are moves like Quick Attack and Vacuum Wave that can attack from a distance! I discovered a Wonder Tile, which will restore your stats back to normal, both lowered and raised. It's a benevolent Trap, but there are more harmful Traps which I'll get to as we go along. If you get in trouble, you can always rely on your teammates to take down a Pokemon.

After you reach the stairs, you have the option to save. I recommend that you always do this, in case you, say, knock out the cartridge or the battery dies. Though I should add that the game lets you know when the battery is low so you can charge, and if you can't right now, you can make an emergency exit without losing anything. Also, ignore it when the game tells you to take a break.

Speaking of breaks, you and Nuzleaf are tired from running away from the Pokemon! You rest for a bit. Nuzleaf tells you those Pokemon are Beheeyem, and thinks the reason why they attacked you is because you pulled a prank or something. You also find that out that not only you're a Pokemon, but you're also a child! Yay! You tell Nuzleaf you don't know why they attacked you, and you don't have any memories aside from your own name and that you're a human. Nuzleaf is surprised by this. But those Beheeyem are catching up, so you better get a move on!

Lush Forest

Nuzleaf informs you that when you something, enemies do something. But if you don't do anything, they don't do anything. (Wow, that's a mouthful.) So you can actually plan out what to do when you're caught in a hairy situation.

Nuzleaf takes the lead again, and you come across yet another Pokemon. Remember that A attack? You can use that to get a Pokemon closer to you so you can dish out damage first. It may not seem necessary with ranged moves, but you'll end up using this a lot more than you'd think. Also, in a four-way pathway, if you do this, there's a chance the opponent will just keep moving and never bother you! You encounter another Pokemon, so use this opportunity to try this strategy.

You find a long path. For situations like this (or constantly, in my case), you can hold down B and go in any direction to dash! But Nuzleaf is in your way! You push can push your allies to get past, but this consumes hunger. Also remember that you can also do this with enemy Pokemon. Nuzleaf will direct you to the upper path, thinking that there's stairs that way. But it's a dead end! Fortunately, you don't always have to push your friends around. You can use the same controls as dashing to switch positions. Realizing this error, he suggests that you go south, instead. You can find more about the game controls here, but I might as well lay it out for you here.

Press Y and press the D-Pad or push the Circle Pad to change directions. If you just press Y, it will turn you on the direction of a nearby Pokemon, which is handy in battle.

Press the R trigger and use the D-/Circle Pad to walk diagonally.

Press B and A at the same time to heal on the spot. You also heal as you walk or run.

Tap the B button to open the menu.

Press B and Y to open up the message log.

Once again, you take the lead. I found an apple, which you can eat to fill your belly. Your belly goes down over time. If you don't keep an eye on it, you lose health until your satisfy your hunger. Better keep these handy! I usually need no more than four, but you might need more if you want to explore. I also found an Elixir, which restores your PP for 10 points. A more powerful version is the Max Elixir, which restores all your moves to full. I found (P) on F3, which is the currency in the PMD series. I also found a Petrify Wand, which you can wave at an enemy to petrify them, and a Scanner Orb, which can be used to locate all of the items on the floor you use it on. A Wurmple dropped a Slumber Wand, which does the same thing as a Petrify Wand except it puts enemies to sleep. Wands have a certain amount of times you can use them, but you can stack the uses together. Pecha Berries are used to heal poison, and Tiny Reviver Seeds can revive you if you or an ally faints, but not restore Belly or PP. The more powerful version, Reviver Seed, does that, though.

Yeah, I also just found those and explaining things as we go along.

You finally lose the Beheeyem at last. And boy, you and Nuzleaf are worn out! He gets mad for dragging you into that mess, but forgives you and heads home. Before heading out, he admits that the fact you used to be a human is a bit hard to believe, but believes you anyway. Nuzleaf asks what you'll do next, but you have no clue. He suggests that you should find somewhere to sleep tonight and leaves you. Well, not really, since you convinced him with your puppy-eye trick, if only because he's worried that the Beheeyem will show up to attack you again. He invites you to his home. If you choose no, you get a little funny scene, but in the end you must choose yes. He takes you to his home village, Serene Village.

And Selene, once a human and now brought to this world as a Pokemon...
with no memory of what had been left behind, came to Serene Village.

To the village where Selene is destined to meet a certain Pokemon...
who will become the partner of a lifetime in the adventures ahead.

Cue title with brief scene with the walk to Serene Village!

See you in Part Three!