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Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon Walkthrough: Part One

by CrazyUmbreonLady

CrazyUmbreonLady Don't click on this if you don't want spoilers! This is the first part of the walkthrough to the new game, Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon.
When first boot up your game, you'll see a (colorful) screen and an orb. Take a guess what this orb is. Something seemed to be glad about finally finding you, and it just came to find you. It then asks to "lend them your strength".

Touch the touch screen to continue, and hold until it proceeds.

It will then explain that the light is the link between the human world and the Pokemon world. Then it will ask you to answer the personality quiz honestly. Though I doubt everyone will.

Here are the questions I encountered.

Question 1

A nerve-racking first day at school!
You want to make friends with someone you just met. What do you do?

Turn to them and introduce yourself.
Wait nervously for them to talk to you. (My answer)

Question 2

Two of your friends are fighting, and you wish they'd stop. What do you do first?

Ponder what the real issue is between them.
Jump right into the fray to make them stop. (My answer)

Question 3

Everyone at school is talking about this great new book, but it's big and long...

Of course you get it! They say it's great! (My answer; I love to read!)
You don't want to read anything that long.

Question 4

Halfway to school you realize you forgot something. You'll be late if you turn back...

You hurry back to get it anyway.
You can't be bothered to get it now. (My answer)

Question 5

All right! Dinnertime at last!
You're starving, and you can hardly think about anything else except the chance to eat...

You wait until everyone is ready to start.
You start eating as soon as you have your food. (My answer)

Question 6

We're going to the beach! Best. Day. Ever.
What view do you find yourself staring at?

The glittering blue stretch of sea.
The endless expanse of the sky. (My answer, though I would likely be staring at everything as soon as my autism takes over)
The sandy shore being lapped by waves.
The gently swaying strands of dune grass.

Question 7

All right! Vacation time at last! What kind of music fits your mood?

Punk rock that makes your spirit explode! (My answer)
Gotta get moving with some EDM!
I'm feeling laid back. Time for some folk.
I wanna dance and sing to some pop music!

Question 8

What would be the best word to describe your partner?

Cool! (My answer)

Not sure how this affects anything, though I got a female Pikachu appearance for my partner when I chose cute.

My result:

You always trust your feelings, even if they get you in trouble sometimes. But clearly expressing your feelings is proof you want others to understand you. A straight shooter like you must be...

Just like Piplup!

But wait, I don't want Piplup! Well, fortunately, players can choose their own Pokemon. For this, I do Riolu. Then you pick your name! I'm actually using my real name, but for privacy reasons, I'll use Selene instead in this walkthrough.

And the partner who will stick with you through thick and thin on this adventure...

So cool! It's Chimchar!

You can also pick your own, but this time, I'll stick with the partner I was given. You can also name your partner! I stuck with Erupta. I'm actually happy I was given this, since the Chimchar line is my favorite starter.

It will ask if you're satisfied with your choice, so you can go back if you change your mind if you select no. But if you choose yes, you'll have these Pokemon for the rest of your playthrough! So choose wisely!

Now the adventure officially begins...in the next part.
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