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Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon Walkthrough: Part Four

by CrazyUmbreonLady

CrazyUmbreonLady Spoilers still running rampant! We meet even more characters and have our first boss battle!
The next morning, it's your first day of school! Nuzleaf will take you to school, though after this you have to go by yourself.

Chapter 3

On a Hill Where a Large Tree Stands

Cue nice overview of the school. You meet the principal, Simipour, and the vice principal, Watchog. Nuzleaf heads back. The vice principal asks you not to cause trouble, because apparently there's plenty of troublemakers at this school. Simipour doesn't really believe that there are any troublemakers, but Watchog points out there actually are, specifically one that is "the very bane of [his] existence". Simipour is still unconvinced. Outside, class is apparently starting to begin, so you get to meet your classmates! You already met most of them, though. Erupta/the Pokemon from the other day suddenly rushes in, late and in a hurry, and bumps into you! The force of the impact is somehow enough to knock you unconscious.

You wake up the school nurse's office, where you meet yet another character, Audino! Though the meeting is brief, since class had started and you decide you're well enough to join back in. More specifically, you're in control and you direct your character outside.

Farfetch'd is telling a story about how a Graveler counted Mareep to fall asleep, and the class begins nodding off as the teacher began counting. You show up, and the one who bumped into you and asks if you're alright. Since everyone is out of their seats before class is over, Farfetch'd gets mad, everybody takes their seats. And you end up next to Erupta/some other name! Yay!

During recess, Goomy and Deerling thanks you again for rescuing the former. Erupta/other name asks what happened.

Pancham is unamused. Shelmet seems to have an idea, though.

Class is dismissed, and after school, Erupta catches up with you so that the two of you can walk home together. The other Pokemon apologizes for not finishing the tour, but offers to show you around again. But you're already pretty much familiar with the plaza. Erupta/the other Pokemon decides to show you someplace good. You can say no, as always, but she (or he, if you consider your partner male) will start to cry. So you still have to agree, anyways. Erupta leads the way.

But the two of you are interrupted by Pancham and Shelmet. Pancham says that you did a good job surviving Foreboding Forest (Erupta/the other Pokemon is surprised by this news), but challenges you clear a dungeon that's apparently even more frightening.

You and Erupta end up at Drilbur Coal Mine, run obviously by Drilbur, because it would otherwise be very misleading. Shelmet mentions that it's also a mystery dungeon. There two paths. The right one is normal, whereas the usually barred left path leads to the mystery dungeon. And as proof, you must bring back red stones. Pancham lies that he cleared the dungeon himself. The other Pokemon still wants to go, but the two bullies decide to hit two birds with one stone, figuring that he/she could be taught a lesson, as well.

But before you can go in, you're stopped by the Drilbur! Not really, since you're still going in anyways. Erupta/the other Pokemon loudly announces that you'll have to find an opening to sneak past them. Not very stealthy. Fortunately, you're given a chance to get ready, so I recommend buying some things from Kecleon if possible and dropping stuff off at the Deposit Box. Once you're ready, head to the gates!

Drilbur Coal Mine


Selene (Riolu)
Erupta (Chimchar)

The game mentions that you can change the move settings of your team. Very useful for bosses when you want your team to use a certain move. Moves that won't be used by NPCs are marked with a blue X. Status moves are automatically marked with this.

The dungeon seems to have Fire-types, Rock-types, and Ground-types, so this will be easy for Water-types but not so much for Fire-types (though there are Klink, which are weak to Fire) and Pikachu, with a mediocre difficulty for Grass-types and Riolu. Slugma can inflict you with the yawning status, which is followed by sleep, so watch out! Fire-types can inflict the burn status, which gradually lowers health and weakens attack. You can cure this by going into water, eating a Rawst Berry, or moving to the next floor. Thankfully, you can still heal as you walk. Fire-types are immune to burn in this game. Cubone can inflict the Flinch status, which causes the Pokemon not to be able to use an attack for one turn.

After four floors and a brief cutscene, you're given a chance to drop stuff off in the Deposit Box. Don't forget to bring your Blast Seeds, too! Once you're ready, brace yourself for another brief cutscene before you continue! After three more floors, you hear growling! The other Pokemon assumes it's your stomach. Of course it's not your belly. It's a scary Pokemon named Gabite! He assumes you're thieves out to steal his jewels. Erupta tells him that you were just looking for red stones. And it just so happens that those stones were his treasure. Whoops. He summons the Drilbur, but they bail immediately. But that won't stop Gabite from fighting you!


Gabite (Dragon/Ground)

Moves to my knowledge:

Sand Tomb

Gabite is Ground, which means he's immune to Electric-type moves, and being part Dragon means he's also resistant to Fire, though he's neutral to Water and Grass thanks to being part ground. Rule out Electro Ball on your Pikachu, though you may consider keeping the Fire-type moves in case you may inflict burn on him. Remember those Blast Seeds? Eat them! Gabite knows Dig, which makes him invulnerable for one turn and is super effective against Fire-types and Pikachu, so get them out of the way by pushing if you have partner like that, since you don't have the tactics available yet. If you are one yourself, get away IMMEDIATELY. Sand Tomb is also not only as super effective against Fire-types and Pikachu as Dig, but makes you stuck and gradually inflicts damage. Fortunately, within two Blast Seeds, you'll defeat him. If you don't have that many, keep dishing out damage until Gabite faints!

Gabite isn't willing to give up. Erupta tries to tell him you weren't going to steal his treasure, but he doesn't believe you, since you're going to take his red stones. But the Drilbur show up to the scene and talk some sense into him. Your partner (because I'm tired of saying "the other Pokemon") reassures that if it's precious and important to him, then you don't need it. Since you came just to look, Gabite apologizes and Erupta forgives him, since the two of you snuck in and he was just trying to protect his belongings. Gabite shows you his room full of precious stones, which is absolutely amazing. He explains he like to collect gems as a hobby, and the room was left unknown to anyone else until the Drilbur came. Pokemon began trying to steal his jewels, which was why the path was closed off and Gabite had to run off those who did get past. The Drilbur mentioned that they promised to run off thieves, but they get "wibbly and wobbly" under pressure and "waddle away". Erupta felt bad about putting them under pressure, but was glad to see the secret room. Your partner thanks them for showing them this place, and thanks you for giving him/her a chance to explore this far.

Items Found:

Pounce Wands literally makes you throw yourself at a target. Yeah.

Your partner takes you to the good place as originally intended. Shelmet asks if you went through the block path, to which Erupta confirmed. Pancham asks about the red stones, but your partner says no, since she didn't want steal them as Gabite liked the stones and it's better for it to exist as a memory.

You make to the top of a hill with a tree on it, where there is a nice little view of Serene Village. Erupta tells you her dream, which is to go to Lively Town and join the Expedition Society. However, she (or he to be neutral for other players) couldn't, as kids aren't allowed to join, and the everyone says it's too dangerous to leave Serene Village. Adults say tells children what to do, so a child can't really do much. But this won't stop this determined Pokemon! You doze off, since it's nice out. Your partner asks if you'll support his/her dream. You nod, which he/she takes as a yes.

That night, you wonder why you're in the Pokemon world, and more particularly, why you're a Pokemon. You're also concerned about the Beheeyem, and if you'll be safe in Serene Village.

Meanwhile, Rayquaza flies away from the world. Think it might be best just to put the dialogue for more impact.

Rayquaza: Th-that...thing...

What could it have been?!


This feeling...

For the first time...

I feel...true fear!

With that cliffhanger, I'll see you in the next part!