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A Normal Pokémon Journey: Part 8: Light up the sky

by ThAtGuY101

ThAtGuY101 The story of a pokemon trainer named Friedrich "Fritz" Kaiser who travels to Olivine City ,and stays at a local Inn for the night. The very next day he decides to visit the Olivine City lighthouse.
As Friedrich laid there in bed he began to enjoy a good night's sleep with all sorts of thoughts of bright vibrant creatures ,and strange ornate buildings dotting alongside a peculiar twisting road. The road which seemed to bend and turn at all sorts of directions and angles. Yet despite all of that there was a feint aura of excitement and wonder in the air. Almost as if something exciting were about to happen ,but before something could happen. A bright light flashed which caused Friedrich to awaken. He sat up straight and tall to look out the window and see the clouds still looming over the city ,and the stars still dotted the sky. However Friedrich could tell it was no longer morning.

Friedrich looked at his phone to confirm it was in fact morning. It was 5:43AM ,and Friedrich felt somewhat energized. He took a shower in the restroom that had come along with his room. He then changed his clothes ,and smiled as he gazed into the mirror to which the mirror winked at him. Friedrich didn't think much of this at the time ,and headed out of the bathroom. He saw his pokémon still fast asleep next to each other. Friedrich walked over to them ,and gently lifting them up. Aloi let out a small yawn ,and Gitchi let out a cheerful remark. Fridrich then turned off the room lights ,and took his belongings with him as he headed out of his room.

As he left his room, he closed the door and proceeded to head downstairs. Friedrich was hungry and could benefit from a good breakfast. He also understood his pokémon would also benefit from a nice hearty meal which is why he took them with him as he proceeded down the stairs. He then headed to the dining area to which he saw a couple trainers with their pokémon eating. Friedrich was delighted to see that the Inn had provided food for the pokémon as well. Friedrich wouldn't have felt too happy eating in front of his pokémon knowing they might have been hungry too.

He then went to the counter to which he made sure to get himself several breakfast items; Waffles with syrup, cereal with chocolate milk ,and a thing of apple juice. Friedrich grabbed a couple poffins off the rack. They were still warm ,and his pokémon looked happy to see the food. Friedrich was happy to include them in indulging in the mornings breakfast. He sat there at the table next to the window which gave him a wonderful view of the seaside as well as the lighthouse.

Aloi and Gitchi cheerfully ate their poffins ,and Friedrich ate his breakfast. He looked out the window as he ate. Before he could get halfway through a sailor walked over to his table, "Scuse me!, Mind If I sit here?" The man said cheerfully. Friedrich looked over, "Yeah sure" He said before looking over at his pokémon whom were still eating. The man had an octillery. It looked cheerful ,and seemed to be enjoying its breakfast too. The man had a large plate in front of him ,and chewed with his mouth open. Friedrich didn't mind since he was fairly close to finishing anyways. The man looked outside ,and then looked at Octillery whom had finished eating fairly quickly. The man looked towards Friedrich once more, "urrg... Ughh... Scuse me once more!... Do you by any chance have the time?" The man said. Friedrich pulled out his phone to see that it was now 6:15AM, "It's six-fifteen sir" Friedrich said. The man's eyes widened when he hopped up, "Oh shoot! I better skedaddle!" The man sad wolfing down the rest of his food before running out of the Inn with Octillery following behind him.

Friedrich continued to eat at his own pace ,and eventually put his plate with the other dirty plates to be cleaned and reused. He returned his key to the man at the front counter ,and then headed out. when he made his way outside. Gitchi was sent back into his pokéball ,and Aloi was resting comfortably on Friedrich's shoulder. Friedrich looked around a moment before walking do next. Aloi seemed especially excited ,and seemed to be waving at something. Friedrich looked around ,but didn't notice the shadowy figure waving from the window above. Friedrich then turned towards the Inn ,and just assumed both the window and the mirror were all just a part of his active imagination.

One thing Friedrich did notice was the lighthouse light was out. he then headed to the pier as he wasn't planning on visiting the lighthouse. However there was a long line in front of the ship docking bay thus he could not go inside. He decided to check out the lighthouse. Upon arrival at the lighthouse he saw the sailor ,and his octillery again, "Oh, now what a surprise?! Did you come to battle!" The man said excitedly. "No" Friedrich responded, "Oh... I was kinda hoping to battle. I was just about to see why the lighthouse was out. Mind coming up with me?" The man said. "Yeah sure. Sounds cool!" Friedrich said excitedly. They then headed towards the elevator. It seemed a lot easier than taking the stairs all the way to the top. As they neared the top the elevator stopped on the floor just below the top floor, "Huh... The elevator stopped... oooohh! come on you blasted contraption!" The man said smacking the buttons. He turned towards Friedrich, "Guess we will have to walk the last floor" He said. Dolan headed to the floor ,and saw a strange looking man in a trench coat. The man turned towards Friedrich and the sailor revealing his team rocket logo underneath his trench coat, "Get outta here, brats!" The man said sending out a golbat.

As the golbat was send out, Aloi leaped out transforming into a green golbat. Octillery stood back at a distance firing water gun at the golbat while Aloi fought up close and personal. The fight ended after the octillery landed a clean blow. The man returned his golbat ,and ran towards two more team rocket members whom were harassing an old man by the edge of the lighthouse. "Captain!" The sailor yelled. The old man looked over at the sailor. The two team rocket members looked at Friedrich and the sailor. The first of the two team rocket members wore a black outfit like the one from earlier ,but the second wore a white outfit.

The team rocket member in black sent out a muk while the team rocket member in white sent out a wheezing and a skarmory. Aloi transformed into a light brown skarmory. As the fight began octillery took on the muk. Friedrich sent out Gitchi whom took on Wheezing leaving Aloi to face skarmory. The two team rocket member's combined strength was formidable ,but Friedrich and the sailor managed to overcome them forcing the man in white to return his wheezing ,and the other to return his muk. The man in white climbed atop his skarmory. The skarmory grabbed the two other team rocket members with its talons before flying off. Friedrich returned Gitchi to his ball ,and looked towards the sailor ,and old man.

The old man was safe ,and when they asked the old man what happened he revealed that the team rocket members were strange place called the 'whirlpool islands'. Legends say that the legendary pokémon lugia resides there. If that were true theres no telling what team rocket would do if it could find it. Though it seemed like a ghost hunt. Perhaps there was nothing to find ,and the whole story were just a myth of sorts. The old man happily went over to have the light house's light turned on. Friedrich was excited when the old man let Friedrich pull the switch to turn the light on. The sailor smiled, "Go on! turn it on!" He said. Friedrich happily turned the switch to which a bright light shot from the light illuminating a portion of the waters below. The captain even healed both Friedrich's and the sailor's pokémon. The captain then looked at the elevator, "Being the captain I should head down to the port. If I'm going to take people to Cianwood. If your interested in coming along, you have just to say the word. I'll tell the people at the front counter to expect you" The captain said. Friedrich smiled, "Sounds cool! I was hoping to one day visit there!" He said excitedly. Aloi looked over at him cheerfully.

As the captain and sailor got into the elevator to leave Friedrich took a moment to look at the beautiful view of the ocean one last time before joining them into the elevator. They then headed down. The captain and the sailor headed for their ship. Friedrich took his time in heading towards the docks.