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Six Feet Under: Part 6

by Parz_Official

Parz_Official i lost track of time what day is it
A loud gunshot could be hear echoing in the forest, Within that forest, Is a man dubbed Reg, Firing at Infecteds coming near him. Reg is off on a mission, without his group knowing, to investigate a short screaming noise. After about 5 more Infected deaths, Reg came across a small clearing. He could clearly see a woman, with her stomach ripped wide open, with an Infected chomping on the insides. Reg shot the zombie and walked closer. Reg cleared some blood of the woman's face and what he saw frightened him. Reg was looking into the dead eyes of his daughter, who went missing 2 years before the infection. Reg stabbed the forehead of his daughter, to prevent her from turning, As he knew to do, as he watched a 6th member of his group turn.

A few hours later, "Whats Reg doing?" Asked Jarryd. "Im not sure, want to head over there?" Asked Maloy, "Nah, we should just leave Reg alone, he seemed uneasy all day". "Yeah, lets just leave him." They both then got up and walked away, to pick up some wood to continue building the hut they have been working on for the past hour. The foundation has been nearly completed, and they are starting to get the wood piled up to make a small house to fit them all in until they complete the other 4, so everyone will have one.