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Pokemon Story: Part 6 - Aquacorde Town

by sucuri

sucuri Our heros made it to the Aquacorde Town. City located near the river. What will happen there?
After standing near to route sign and strange walk down to the ''I'' Cave it was almost nightfall. Mike and Jenny decided to quickly get to the nearest city and rest there. Route 1 led straight to the city's arch.
There weren't much interesting things happening there. When they got to this beautiful town it was night. So they decided to find some place to sleep. The local store was offering the stay over night for every new pokemon trainer, so they decided to stay there. They left their stuffs in their room and went for a little walk to see the river and moonlight.
When walking around the town they noticed some people staring at them. They also seen some posters saying that there will be local tournament organized here in Aquacorde. The registration will start in the morning. The posters said: ''Every year when new trainers set off on their journey they meet up in Acquacorde Town. There is always small tournament organized. Participants can be only the ones who are starting their adventure in the Kalos region. Every participant can register up to 2 Pokemon. The rules are as follows: registered participants are drawn between two groups, when top three advance to bracket stage. In groups everyone plays each other one time. There will be points distributed as follows: Win - 3pts; Draw - 1pt; Loose - 0pts; extra 4 points for going 2:0 (not having fainted any Pokemon); extra 3 points for going 2:1; extra 2 points for 2:2; extra 1 point for 1:2; and 0 points for 0:2. After groups are resolved top three participants from each group advance. There they are paired in two teams. There will be triple battle and there will be also points distributed. Here again participants can use two pokemon (registration of pokemon will happen right after two teams will be drawn). Points will be distributed as follows: if trainer manages to KO with one hit three of the opponents Pokemon he gets 6pts; KO any opponent Pokemon (means dealing last damage which will cause Pokemon to faint) 3 points; damaging opponent Pokemon 1 point; but damaging partners' Pokemon will result in -2 points for that trainer; then hitting all three opponents Pokemon with one attack 3 points; winners get 3 points; and extra point for each non-fainted Pokemon. Then four trainers with most points advance to semi finals. There will be fights 2on2 with winner advancing to final match and looser battling for third place. Winner of all tournament gets Beginner Trophy along with [​IMG]1000 PokeDollars in prize. '' They figured out that those people were excpeting them to participate in that tourney. They decided to take part in it, it will be great opportunity for them to test their skills.
Besides this the walk was nice and refreshing. They find out from where the city's name comes from. It cames from perfect harmony of this city with the river near it. They had seen a key of Duckletts flying over them and some Murkrows roaming near the river.
They also noticed some people who looked like trainers. They saw a guy in hat with Pikachu next to him. And girl who played with her Fennekin. There was fat boy who practiced some dance moves with his Squirtle.
Then they returned to their room to get some rest. This first day of their adventure finally passed.
  1. Mike wants to battle!
    Mike wants to battle!
    still no XXX
    wouldave liked to see it but this is pokmon here!
    rated PG13
    Aug 29, 2015