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the adventers of team moon: part 5/the search for moon

by vergames

vergames after the grunt lily steals moon volt snake and mystic must find him
snake:"ugh...what happened?" volt:"moon was stolen by team rocket" snake:"WHAT!>=OSHOW ME!!!!"
mystic:"we dont know where there hide out is"
volt:"i think i see it"
meanwhile in the hideout *a screen turns on* giovanni:"did you get the meddleing umbreon?"
lily:"yes boss..." giovanni:"good...." *ding* giovanni:"another trainer comeing to battle me i have to go"
lily:"okay boss" *the screen turns off* now back to are heroes
volt:"i made this weapon but i need alot of voltage for it...this is the only way we can get in" mystic:"...only one thing we can do" volt:"*GASP*you dont mean?" mystic:"yes...the evolution station from that mountain time for you to become a raichu"to be continued