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Pokemon Story: Part 4 - The Big Day

by sucuri

sucuri So finally, the big day had come. Our heroes go out for an adventure to be a Pokemon Master.
On the next day Mike woke up while Jenny was still peacfully asleep. Last day and night seemed for Mike as something magical. He decided to slowly, delicatly get up from bed not to wake Jenny. He saw that watch on the shelf next to bed was showing seven a.m. He went to the bathroom, brushed his teeth and put on some clothes. When he finished those things he find out some piece of paper and pen, the wrote a note for Jenny. Silently walk out from the room, taking his Pokemon with him. When he was outside he went straight to his house. When walking he remembered to himslef a strange dream that he had. He had seen a pokemon in it, which instead of having legs had piece of rock, and between its ears was a small diamond. He did not know what was that pokemon, but he remembered its delicate, female voice which was saying something about danger laying in some Reflection Cave. Mike was not sure what was that all about but he knew if only he will be able to find out an answer he will for sure help that pokemon.
After a short walk he got to his house where his parents welcomed him. Mike said that around nine he will meet up with Jenny in front of his house to set up for a journey. Sandy had prepared a breakfast for Mike, which he ate with apetite. He knew that such delicious food next time he will eat after at least one year. When he finished eating he went upstairs to his room to change his t-shirt. When he was upstairs he got lost in his thoughts for a while and what had happened to him in one day. In this daydreaming he prepared his backpack for a journey. After a while, Sandy came up and together with Mr. Mime they helped Mike to pack other important stuffs. She gifted him [​IMG] 500 PokeDollars. Then he put his favourite black trousers with chain hanging from backpocket. He also wear white t-shirt with Slakoth on it, and on top of that put red, un-zipped waistcoat. He liked to wear New Eras so, he choose to take the black one with Dragon symbol on it. Then he put dragon cape and was ready to set up for his first ever journey. Mum had also given PokePad - which was the newest technology in pokemon world. It looked like an ordinary cell phone but with touch screen, option to receive Holo Caster massages; option to listen to the music and it was fully compatible with Mike's watch. And finally you could upgrade this Pad with new applications.
Then three of them went downstairs. Mike started to feel little bit stressed, he had never travelled alone before, and without his parents.
When Mike was downstairs, Drake watched Mike carefully. He remebered his first day when he set off on his journey.
- Mike, I know this is huge deal for you! But I also know that you will managed to achieve your dreams! After all you are not alone on your journey. You have Jenny, but most importantly you have your pokemon. Treat them properly and they will never let you down. - said Drake. And suddenly, Noibat and Goomy popped out of their PokeBalls.
- So, I guess you both agree with my dad. Alright guys, prepare to make our dreams come true! Dad, one day I will challange you for gym battle! Be ready, and I want you to not hold back on me next time! - with seeable determination said Mike. Noibat and Goomy smiled and groaned happily.
Then he smiled, stood in front of doors and in full sunshine went outside. His parents were proud of how their son has grown up. There he saw Jenny already waiting for him.
- Ok, Mike! Why you left? Do not ever dare to leave without me! - she said with sarcastic voice and then smiled.
She looked beautiful in the morning sun. Today she had black-red bandana. Not much make-up on her face, but eyelines were higlighted and lipstick was put on her lips. She wore white costume, which looked like dress but it ended on her hips. On her arms she put pinky-white vest only covering her arms actually. She then put greeny pink scarf over her waist. Her breast were covered by green and white bra. On left hand she had long white sleeve, on the other she had small pinkish glove. On the right leg she had long overknee sock in delicate red color. She had two pink and green ribbons on her legs. One was on right ankle, and second one on left thigh. She also had comfortable semi-long heeled black boots with fireish ornaments on them. And the red bag was hanging next to her. She also had belt on which she placed her PokeBalls with Chimchar and Bulbasaur. She looked glamorous and gorgeous.
She delicatly smiled at Mike, closing her eyes. She hugged to Mike's arm and with full smile they both set off on their journey. Meanwhile, Mike's pokemon returned to their PokeBalls. Mike then asked Jenny where next they should go, she showed up that Mike can download application called TownMap onto his PokePad. He did that and saw that next city is not so far away and it is called Acquacorde Town. The shortest road led to it.
Next they went on road, and saw sign saying Route 1, South goes to Vaniville Town, North goes to Acquacorde Town. Mike noticed that there also was another sign but it was broken and he only manage to see letter ''I'' and word Cave. They decided to go to this unknown destination. He looked at map and it said that this caves leads to Acquacorde Town too, but it takes more time to get there.
Then Jenny jumped up. She looked scary. Mike stared at her side and saw small bug looking pokemon. It actually looked more scared than Jenny, so it run away quickly. Mike noticed it was going to that direction where the ''I'' Cave was.
Mike and Jenny decided that they are not in hurry to get to the next town, only Mike remebered that they need to get to Prof. Sycamore once they will be in Lumiose Metropolis City. So they went to check out this strange cave.
  1. Mike wants to battle!
    Mike wants to battle!
    at least not like the 3rd one!
    rated PG13
    Aug 29, 2015