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the adventers of team moon: part 3/the jouney begins!

by vergames

vergames after there 2nd and last encounter with a hungry pokemon! they spy a bright light what is next for are heroes! who knows!
snake:"guys i see a bright light!" moon:"lets find out what it is"
*on there adventure they have a run in with a couple of thieves* Rocket grunt a:"stop right there you pokemon!" Rocket grunt b:yeah!" Rockrt grunt c :"now get in the net" Rocket-grunt d:"NOW"! *moon used thunder bolt on the grunts* the band of rocket grunts:"WERE BLASTING OFF AGAIN!" *the heroes climb the mountain!* moon:"whats this" snakes:"i dont know" mystic:"i know this is a stone shrine where any pokemon who finds it can evolve to any stage!" snake:"LET ME ON" mystic:"STOP SNAKE THERE VERY UN STA..."*kaboom!* moon:"ugh my head what happened?-!- is that you snake?" snake:"yeah why?" moon:"well your kinda a well how do i say this" mystic:"moon is trying to say you are now a servine" snake:"REALLY?! COOL!" mystic:"That was very dangerous snake...and your not listening to me are you? *sigh*" to be continued