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Pokemon Adventures with Jeff: Part 3, friends till the end

by JeffEliteTrainer637

"Phoebe, step forward, you chose next," said Oak.
Phoebe stepped forward and picked up bulbasaur's pokeball.
"I chose bulbasaur," Phoebe said.
"Kevin, looks like your choice have been made for you," Oak.
"Charmander is the one I wanted from the start," Kevin replied. Kevin stepped forward and picked up charmander's pokeball.
"Here each of you get a pokedex and 5 pokeballs," said Oak as he gave each of us a pokedex and 5 pokeballs.
"Good luck on your journey," Oak said as we left the building.
"Alrighty then let's go!" I yelled
We ran down route 1, the others are looking for Pokemon as for myself I'm training my squirtle and eevee.
There was a rustling noise in one of the bushes, I walked towards it only to find a pidgeotto, it zoom out of the bushes. I'm pretty sure it was spying on us, pokedexs attracts a lot of attention some negative attention. After the pidgeotto flew away I fell to the floor, paralyzed.
A few hours later we reached Viridian City. Once I started heading to the Pokemon center, I saw a girl with a huge yellow sun hat about my age walking out of the forest on a doduo. After she noticed me the doduo sped out of town.
We walked into the Pokemon center, all 3 of use placed down our Pokemon for healing. After the Pokemon were took into the infirmary we sat down at a table checking each others pokedexs and our Pokemon's power.
We heard the jingle and got our Pokemon.
(Sorry not a lot of dialogue for a while)
Just then the blackout that I have been in is back, and I heard a shrill scream coming from nurse Joy.
To be continued.
  1. AlexNinjaDX
    More Parts Please?
    Jun 8, 2015
  2. JeffEliteTrainer637
    Sorry if the story is a little bad, I'm a kid so yeah.
    Jun 7, 2015