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Union Adventures: Part 3: Ducklett Crash!

by SquirtleLover

SquirtleLover As Hugo and his Pokémon are training, they find an injured Ducklett! #summercamp15
I wake up early in the morning. Rono and Aqua are still sleeping. Last night, I gave them their own bed. One for each of them. I don’t like keeping them in their Pokéballs all the time, and neither do they. As I change into my daily clothes, I see Rono and Aqua waking up. ‘Good morning! Ready for action?’ The two of them happily jump out of their beds. We eat in our room, and then we walk to the lobby of the Pokémon Centre. ‘Thanks for the room, Nurse Joy. We will be on our way now!’ Nurse Joy shakes my hand. ‘Good luck with your upcoming gym battle!’ I thank her, and then we walk outside of the Pokémon Centre. ‘Alright guys, let’s go to Celmarin City!’ I say. After a while, I put my bag on the ground. ‘Alright guys! What do you saw of some training?’ Rono and Aqua nod happily. ‘Alright then. Let’s cycle through our moves first, starting with Rono!’ Rono steps forward. ‘I want the both of you to stand in front of each other. We will have a practice battle, where first Rono may attack, and when he used all of his attacks, Aqua may attack. Agree?’ They nod. ‘Alright. Rono, Quick Attack!’ Rono runs as fast as it can, being boosted in its speed by the attack. Aqua is hit, and lands on its back. ‘Nice move, Rono! Aqua, you OK?’ Aqua jumps on its feet, happily smiling. ‘Alright then, now use Force Palm!’ Rono tries to put its hand on Aqua, but it managed to dodge the attack. ‘Alright! Those where all your attacks, Rono! Now let’s move on to Aqua’s attacks, starting with Water Gun!’ Aqua shoots its attack on Rono’s head, which is shot away, but it managed to land on its feet. ‘Nice landing, Rono! And Aqua, nice hit! Now, go for bite!’ Squirtle jumps at Rono, trying to bite in its head, but Rono manages to jump aside, letting Aqua land on the ground. ‘Nice dodge, Rono! That’s it for now!’ The two Pokémon walk to me. As I give them food, I hear a sound. Rono and Aqua look to the direction of where the sound came from. ‘Let’s go investigate!’ I say. We run to the place where the sound came from, seeing an injured Ducklett. ‘O no!’ I say, as I run to the Ducklett. As I pick it up, it looks at me, and I now it trusts me immediately. ‘I will bring you to Celmarin City! They have a Pokémon Centre there!’ ‘Duck…’ Ducklett says. I begin to run, with Rono and Aqua running behind me.