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Pokemon Story: Part 27 - City of the Graves

by sucuri

sucuri Our heroes encountered the punks from Team Flare, but manage to scare them off! They next stop will be Geosenge Town! The Town in which 300 years ago, the Pokemon sacrificed they lives, for ultimate weapon to be blasted! What awaits there from Mike and co.
Mike and his friends were on their way to Route 10, which leads from Cyllage City to Geosenge Town.
Route 10 was a strange road, as it was full of many stones, which looked like graves. They could sense a strange presence of some kind. They were on the road, moving slowly onwards.
The closer they got to the stones, they've seen that they are no graves, but they look like stone scultpures of many Pokemon. They moved past the first row of the stones, and the second and then another. It seemed, for Mike, like the Pokemon inside were itching a bit, or it was just the feeling.
Suddenly, when they were about to reach the end of the road something materilized in front of their eyes. It looked like a ghost, but was it a Pokemon? It attacked them, giving them headache, the PokePad was not able to register this being.
Then they saw a guy, with strange goggles on, and scientist-like apron. He had some device in hands. He pointed out the device at the ghostly being, and then in took more known shape. The pokedex said that it was a Haunter, an evolved form of Gastly, and that it sometimes took shapes of dead Pokemon's soul. But, machine broke after the use.
- Oh crap!! The Haunter is now angry! - the Ghostbuster said. - My Gastling Machine is an invention of my own design. I studied this stones for couple of years by now. Thanks to it I am able to communicate with the souls of the Pokemon buried here and unleash them from this world.
- That is scary and sad at the same time! - Said Jenny, with goosebumps on her back.
- Oh! I am sorry, the name is Julien, and I am Ghostbuster! We need to be ready, as Haunter will attack soon! - he screamed and threw a PokeBall.
Mike did the same, and he summoned Froakie from it. But, Mike heard, as if it was in his head: "I am the guardian deity of this forgotten place! I should never been disguised!"
Mike looked around, but everyone looked ready to defend against the Ghost Pokemon. Mike stopped Jenny and the rest from releasing their Pokemon. Only Jenny believed of his words. And now they needed to stop Julien.
- Julien do not fight with this Pokemon! This place needs it and it will be better if it is safe and sound!
But Ghostbuster were not a good listener and with his Duskull rushed at the Haunter. But before the attacks collisioned the whole area was covered with the smoke.
Mike called for Fletchinder and Trumi for Rowlet. They both used Gust, to get rid of the smoke. But when smoke disappeared there was no Haunter or Julien nearby.
Luckily, Froakie caught up the scent of the Julien. So they followed Froakie.
Froakie stood in front of large wagon, all painted orange. Froakie used Cut to open the door to it. They went in, and they've seen Duskull and Gastling Machine.
Duskull said something to Froakie, and the frog Pokemon showed them the hidden entrance. It was a door trap. They pulled it and went in. It was thin entrance, but Froakie was picking up a scent.
At the end of the thin tunnel, they've seen big laboratory with computers and strange equipment.
Malamar was there to guard the entrance. Froakie, Rowlet and Fletchinder were ready to beat that Pokemon. Froakie used Water Gun, while Fletchinder used Flame Charge. Trumi's Rowlet used Leafage. The Malamar countered it with Dark Pulse, but Froakie managed to dodge it, and used Water Shuriken on his own. Dark Puls was enough to knock down Rowlet and Fletchinder. So Froakie was only one left. Malamar used Hypnosis, but Froakie jumped and used Water Pulse. Malamar got confused. But next attack from Malamar was almost enough to knock out Froakie. But before that happened, the frog Pokemon was covered in white light, and it evolved into Frogadier. Now it used Dark Pulse, and thanks to its hidden ability, Protean its typing changed to Dark type. The attack hit Malamar, and it was unable to fight.
After this encounter, they run off to another chamber. There was Julien, Haunter and two strange figures.
- We need this Haunter to help us unleash the ultimate weapon! It was there before, so it must know how to used it! - woman said.
- Could You use Your ghost knowledge and convince it to help us?! - the man asked, quite polietly.
- Don't You dare to say anything to those people Julien! - Mike could not stand it and said it loud and clear.
- Frogadier use Water Pulse on the capsule when Haunter is kept! - the capsule broke almost instantly. Mike felt that Frogadier was angry.
Madame X and Monsieur Y used some pesky machine to get out. But the hideout started to collapse. It was hard for them to get out, but Haunter used his ability and made them all transparent and they could move through objects.
They were on the ground level, next to one of the largest stones.
"Thank You brave trainers, last time it was us who help the Kalos to survive, but this time will be humans who will help Pokemon to survive." - Haunter said.
Mike seen that the PokeBall had slipped from his back. Haunter touched it and went in.
Surprisingly Mike had a new friend, but he decided to send Noibat to the storage in Profesor's lab. The strange feeling of presence was gone, and Julien went with them to the city as he needed to take care of Duskull. There in Pokemon Center they departed, and Julien did not give up on being Ghostbuster, but also has a new dream to be the best Ghost type Pokemon trainer.
So, the Geosange Town was gorgeous, but the sunset was near. So they rented one big room in the hotel next to Pokemon Center!
So another day had passed, and Mike got new partner, and is closer to be the Champion!
Until then, to be continued.