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Pokemon Story: Part 26 - Quest for Luminous Moss!

by sucuri

sucuri Mike, Jenny, Trumi and Lusamine took on the Cyllage City gym challenge! They went to PokeCenter, but Nurse Joy was missing some hidden ingridient for her Center nourishments! So, Mike and his friends decided to look for that Moss.
Mike healed his Pokemon and with the rest of his companions hit the Route 8. The road was near the coast and many people were sunbathing and done other recreational things. On the sea there were Water Pokemon seen. Mike had borrowed the Fishing Rod from Trumi and gave it a try.
The rod caught something after a while of waiting. The girls decided to get little bit of sun and let their Pokemon out. Mike caught the Pokemon which looked like water horse. It was Skrelp, the small Poison/Water Pokemon. It looked cute, so Mike decided to throw a ball at it. After few shakes the Pokemon was in and Mike had a new friend.
After the fishing they decided to relax a bit on the beach. Then they decided to go pass Ambrette Town. In it there were some souvenir store, and restaurants with seafood. People in swimsuits, with flip-flops and sun glasses were enjoying this beautiful and warm day.
They decided not to stay long in this city and move one. Only Lusamine check out some stores, bur met with the rest just before the sign: Route 9.
Here they encounter something strange. The Route could not be passed on foot. The only way to get through the uneven path was to ride on the back of Rhyhorn. Many years ago, the path was not to tresspas, as the fallen rocks barred the entrance. And it was highly dangerous to go through as the rocks could harm people and only vicious Hikers and Fossil searchers dared to go through it.
As there were four of them, they needed to use two Rhyhorns to get past this uneven path. The Rhyhorns were used to the people and were trained to follow their commands. The view was outrageuos from the back of the Rhyhorns. Jenny wrapped her hands around Mikes body as she did not want to fall and was kind of scared of the heights. They've seen Helioptiles. Trumi threw a ball at one and caught it.
After an hour or so they were on the other side of the passage. The Rhyhorn went to the stables and Mike and the rest asked the people working with the Pokemon how far the cave is.
The cave they were looking was called the Glittering Cave. Its name comes from the strange Moss which can be found there and is illuminating with willow-green light. It took them a while to find the entrance, and when they got to it the sun started to set.
The willow-green light was seen very clearly and Jenny was impressed by it. The cave was strangely quite so each of them let one of their Pokemon follow them. Mike decided that Carbink will be suited enough, while Helioptile was Trumi's, Chimchar Jenny's and Pikachu was Lusamine's. There were paths made in the cave, so they followed one of them.
Suddenly, they've heard voices.
- Flarian, let find this Moss and fossils to sell them and make some money! - the twerk in Orangish outfit said.
- Flara, do not tell what to do, I had already found enough rare fossils! We should hit back to our HQ! - the second voice was more manly.
Mike, decided to prepare to stop them. But they've seen two other shadows approaching very quickly.
- Stop right there grunts! - guy with long, black hairs said.
- Leave this Moss and do not steal this fossils! - familiar, lady voice said.
Mike recognized Serena from Beginners Tourney. Mike decided to show up, but at the same time, the six of them were surrounded by at least 8 grunts in orange outfits.
- You will let us go from here and Your Pokemon will be unharmed! - the grunts said almost at the same time.
- Oh! Hello Mike, meet Calem, my childhood friend! Can You guys lend us Your help with this bad people!?
Mike nodded in approval, while Jenny and Trumi prepared for the fight. Serena, Calem, Mike, Jenny and Trumi each took one of the grunts, while three not fighting were trying to sneak past the battle and go to the exit. Lusamine stayed with the crew to provide healing.
Mike and the rest had won the battles without much trouble. Mike only used Carbink. These 5 grunts were exhuasted and unable to move. After the battles they went after remainig three grunts.
These three encountered the bunch of Carbinks. Mike's Carbink felt the presence of its kind and rushed there. All of the Carbinks gathered the energy from surrounding mosses and launched a beam at the grunts. They lost unconsiousness, so Mike and the rest took the fossils which they gave to Serena and Calem.
Mike decided to take the Moss and left his Carbink to be the leader for other Carbinks and protect the moss from being stolen. It was heartbreaking farewell.
Then they said goodbye to Serena and Calem and went to Cyllage City to bring the Moss for Nurse Joy.
The Grunts turned out to be from the evil Team Flare, which reasons are not yet known form Mike and his friends.

To be continued...