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Pokemon Story: Part 24 - The Connecting Cave!

by sucuri

sucuri Our heroes achieved nobility in the Battle Chateau, but will they stay there, or will move on to another part of the Kalos? Mike, Jenny, Trumi and Lusamine continue they journey for another day!
On the next day Jenny was suppose to battle with Marquis Grant. If Jenny manages to beat him she will become Viscountess. She was thinking all night about the strategy and how to defeat the opponent. Although Jenny had advantage because all of her Pokemon were good against Rock-type she also knew that good trainer can overcome the weaknesses. She chatted with Lusamine, and her inside on Pokemon behavior gave Jenny many answers and how to approach the battle.

When there was around 9 on the clock, everyone gathered on the outside garden to watch this heated battle. Mike made sure to see Jenny before the battle, and gave her some words of encouragment. Then she hugged him and whispered: "Thank You, Mike for always being by my side." He blushe a little but hugged her even stronger and wished har good luck, that she should not worry, because no matter what they will continue the journey.

- Hello Baroness Jenny, Baron Mike and Baron Trumi! - Marquis Grant said. - Isn't nice day to have a friendly Pokemon battle? Lets do fight 2 on 2, the first one whose Pokemon are unable to fight has lost the battle! - He suggested and Jenny agreed.

Jenny than bowed, and with dignity prepared for a battle. She went with Fennekin. And her opponent with Amaura. Mike's PokePad said that it is Fossil Pokemon, and that it lived many years ago, and now thanks to excavation people are able to use them. But they need to be kept in specially made places, like the one in Cyllage City. It was Rock/Ice type.
Jenny opened with Flame Charge to get closer to the opponent. The Amaura used Thunder Wave to slow down the Fire fox. Mike watched it carefully because it was the first time, she uses Fennekin in the battle. Thunder Wave missed Fennekin, and its Flame Charge hit Amaura. It did some damage, but Grant and Amaura were ready for more. Because Fennekin was close to Rock Pokemon it went with Aurora Beam. Jenny ordered fox to use Fire Spin to counter the attack. Both attacks hit and Amaura was trapped in the vortex of fire. Fennekin felt that its tail is little frozen, which meant its orientation was out of sync. With that in mind Fennekin started to prepare Solar Beam, which Jenny taught Fennekin last night. It started to absorb the light, because the day was very shiny it will take less time than usual. Amaura was hit by fire from Fire Spin and went with Take Down. Because of Amaura's ability it became Ice-type and when it hit it did plenty of damage. Somehow Fennekin was able to stand its ground and was now ready to fire up the beam. Combined with the trap from Fire Spin, the Solar Beam hit the Amaura, and the recoil damage of Take Down, all of it manage to knock out Amaura.
Jenny won first round, and her Fennekin although tired was still able to fight. Grant's next Pokemon was Tyrunt, the Rock/Dragon type dino Pokemon. Jenny returned Fennekin and decided to go with Flabebe. For Mike it was odd to see this cute Pokemon being used in the battle, but he trusted Jenny and knew she has her own strategy. Actually Tyrunt won't be able to attack Flabebe with Dragon attacks. Jenny went with Fairy Wind and Tyrunt went with Stealth Rock, and his speed went up. At the last moment thanks to boosted speed it was able to dodge Fairy Wind. Jenny thinking quick went with Razor Leaf and this time it hit the Rock Pokemon. It felt the damage, but Tyrunt attacked with Bite, and thanks to its ability it had some extra power. Flabebe felt the Strong Jaws of Tyrunt, and barely escaped them, but it still got hit. Flabebe was still able to fight, at it used Wish and then Dazzling Gleam, while Tyrunt use Earthquake. While Dazzling Gleam hit Rock Pokemon, the Wish was too late to save Flabebe from Earthquake and it was knocked out.
Jenny was left with Fennekin and Grant with Tyrunt which looked very tired. Fennekin right away went with Psybeam to keep a distance with Tyrunt, while the Rock Pokemon went with Draco Meteor. Both attacks hit, but Tyrunt was even more worn out because many of his stats were lowered. On top of that it got confused because of Psybeam. To finish of this fight Fennekin used Flame Charge and the Fire Spin. Tyrunt dodged Flame Charge but was trapped in fire vortex. Tyrunt tried to use Earthquake, but it fainted before it managed to use it.
Jenny won the battle and became Viscountess. Marquis Grant congratulated her and her Fennekin. When he was thanking her, Fennekin got covered in the white light. In few minutes it evolved into Braixen, it looked as a gift from Fennekin for winning this battle. Grant said to Mike, Trumi, Lusamine when they came to congratulate Jenny. He said: "When You come to Cyllage City do not hesitate to come by to the museum and the Gym. I live there and there is Fossil Museum there which has an exposition with all the ancient Pokemon."
Grant left them there and they chatted with Jenny. After they picked up their stuffs and bid farewell to other Barons and nobility and went to the Route 7.
Rest of the road was quite and peaceful, Jenny and Mike were talking and chatting about their battles. All of them were in great moods, and were sure that one day they will come back to this palace to practice the Art of Battling.
At the end of the Route 7 was the Connecting Cave. They went inside and it was dark, so Lusamine used her Pikachu to lighten the insides of the cave. When they crossed the entrance Egg in Jenny's back started to shake. She handed it to Mike, from it small, black-red kitten hatched. Mike had never seen Pokemon like that, but Lusamine said they are living on the island she was exploring. They call it Litten. The fire cat Pokemon looked very happy and started to groom itself, and also it did not want to go inside the PokeBall.
To be continued..