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Pokemon Story: Part 22 - Snorlax, I gotcha!!!

by sucuri

sucuri After, sudden and unexpected awakening of Giant Snorlax, our heroes were put in danger. Who is hiding behind this situation? Will Mike and the rest be ok? If You want to find out the answers check out this chapter.
Snorlax was on rampage, charging towards Mike, Jenny, Trumi and Lusamine. The guide had disappeared somewhere.

"We gotta do something, before this Pokemon destroys half of the city!!" - Mike thought to himself. He then threw his PokeBalls, and ordered Fletchling, Carbink, Goomy and Frebbles to attack the Snorlax together. It seemed only a scratch for this angry Pokemon.
But Mike didn't give up and continued to attack, and also Beedrill, Blitzle, Eevee, Rowlett, Mr. Mime, Chimchar, Bulbasaur, Fennekin, Chespin and Pikachu started also the attacks. After a moment Beedrill's Poison Sting weakend Snorlax, which run slower. It was Poisoned, but still on rampage.
They got tired and stopped for a moment, but Snorlax seemed to speed up and hit Lusamine and Mike with his arm, knockig them to the closest tree. All of his Pokemon stood in front of him wanting to protect him. Trumi and Jenny run further and Snorlax somehow didn't pay attention to Mike and Lusamine.
Mike felt dizzy, but could see that Lusamine had lost consiousness. He managed to thank his partners and recalled them, and slowly with pain in stomach crawl towards Lusamine. There was blood on her forehead.
"She must've hit hard." - Mike thought.
Mike searched for some blankets and ordered Frebbles to find some sticks for fire. Mike lifted Lusamine, untied her top buttons of her outfit, so she has a easier to breath. Then he lay her down on blanket, covering her with another. Then with help of Fletchling he set small fire, it was just in time, cause it started to get dark. After the fire was lit, Mike tried to revive Lusamine consiousness.
The Snorlax seemed to be rather far away, somewhere in the city, but Mike wanted to think of a plan to stop it, and was worrying what is happening with Jenny and Trumi.
Lusamine's breath stabilized and it looked like she is just sleeping. She looke gorgeous, so Mike thought. Mike somehow lifted her head, and set it on his laps, so the blood pressure would flow naturally. His stomach was still hurting, but taking care of Lusamine was now more important.
After thirty minutes passed he fall asleep, with Frebbles and Fletchling taking guard to watch for strangers. They both looked motivated to protect their trainer. Lusamine woke up, on Mike's lap, his head hanging uncontrollably, as he was asleep. Lusamine blushed, but could not move, because she did not want to wake up Mike, who was peacefully asleep.
She couldn't remind herself what happened, and if it was real or dream. She somehow had discovered different feeling towrads Mike than just friendship. She only remembered being chased by Snorlax.
She heard Fletchtling and Frebbles making sounds, and she felt more peaceful because those two were eager to protect them. She covered, slowly, Mike with a blanket, and lay him straight, so he wouldn't have a pain when he wakes up. She then lied next to him, as there was no danger near and sun almost set down.
She undressed Mike, so he wouldn't overheat, and hugged closer to his warm body and fall asleep.
So the night passed out, Fletchling and Frebbles went back to PokeBalls, as they didn't sense any danger.
In the morning Mike could hardly breath. When he looked, he was covered with blanket, under which he was only in underwear. On top of him was Lusamine lying. Her breasts in bra were pressing to his chest and her hairs were all over his face. He did not know what is going on, but he was sure that he had to fall asleep at one point. He felt some small kisses on his neck, and felt pleasure.
- Hey, Lusamine I am awake can we go find Jenny and Trumi and see if they all alright? - Mike shook of this feeling and said to Lusamine. She laughed quietly, and slowly let go off Mike, but it looked like she liked it much.
They cleared the placed around fireplace and went with the road which lead to city.
In the city they noticed some roofs being damaged. Then they saw big greyish Pokemon, it was surrounded by people. When they got closer, Mike noticed Jenny and Trumi, who looked tired and their Pokemon - Beedrill almost fainting and Mr. Mime being serious without its mime smile.
At this moment Snorlax wanted to swing his arm towards Jenny, Mr. Mime wasn't fast enough to secure Jenny.


- Fletchtling go, attack this Snorlax with Ember!! - Snorlax seemed to feel it. Jenny passed out of being tired, Trumi barely keeping on his feet.
- This Snorlax is so vicious that it doesn't want to stop to trample everything! It suppose to guard the castle! - someone from the crowd yelled.

- Snorlax attack those scams, destroy this town!!! - it was heard.

Fletchling got smashed by Snorlax's arm. It almost fainted, but it got surrounded by bright light. After few seconds it became totally different. Lusamine said it is Fletchinder, the evolved form of Fletchling. It became motivated to knock out this Snorlax. It used Flamethrower and Snorlax started to move from side to side as if it was close to collapse. At that point Mike threw PokeBall.
After four shakes it went in. Everyone got happy, Mike rushed towards Jenny and brought her to PokeCenter, when her and her Pokemon were healed.

- Where is the savior of our city?! - the male voice was heard in the Center.
- Here I am! - Mike said.
- I am Charles Shabbonau, the owner of the castle, someone had stolen PokeFlute, which then had awaken Snorlax. It often comes to the city during the festival, so we fed it and let it sleep next to entrance of my castle. They must live in mountains near our town. We used this one as our tour Pokemon and there never had been any problems with it. Have You seen who might have done it!? - Sir Shabbonau said.
Suddenly woman in orange suit, and man in black and red outfit appeared.
- Trevenant! Malamar! Use Hypnosis on these kiddos! - they ordered.
- Snorlax I choose You! - Mike screamed. And big Pokemon went off the ball.
- Who are you? Why did you steal PokeFlute? - The Shabbonau castle owner asked.
- We are Madame X and Monsieur Y, we need it to achieve our goal. If we do not wake ancient Pokemon all Kalos will be lost! - Madame X said.
Snorlax battled against Trevenant and Malamar. It managed to beat them. Mike didn't manage to take back PokeFlute, as Madame X and Monsieur Y run away.
- I will leave this Snorlax here so it can protect Your city! - Mike decided. We will be on our way to Cyllage City. We move out in the morning!
The group agreed, the Sir Charles thanked Mike, even though for now PokeFlute was lost. Mike handed the owner a PokeBall with Snorlax and added his number to his PokePad in case he needed Snorlax for his Gym Battles.
Mike spend rest of the day with Trumi, Lusamine and Jenny. He said about the earlier situation with Lusamine and Jenny said how they managed to circle Snorlax.

So another day had passed. Mike got two new Pokemon.
What are X and Y up to? Will Mike use Snorlax in future encounters?

Come back for next chapter to get answet to this questions.