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Pokemon Story: Part 21 - Camphrier Town, the Giant in Disguise!

by sucuri

sucuri Four of our heroes left enormous Lumiose Metropoly. They went to Route 5. What will happen next, go ahead and read it in this chapter.
Mike was kind of sad to leave Lumiose Metropoly, but he was also happy to meet more adventures ahead of him.

The group of our heroes noticed lots of skatepark places along the way on Route 5. They've seen some rollerblade skaters along with their Pokemon. Jenny wanted to try to learn how to ride the rollerblades, so she went to one park and asked kindly if someone can teach her.
The guy, named Jonaiah gave her training blades and started to teach her. Jenny did pretty good, and even her Pokemon had fun when she fell on her butt couple of times.
At the same time, Trumi went of somewhere, he wanted to look for Pokemon in the tall grass. So, Mike was left with Lusamine.
- So, what kind of Pokemon are You researching the most? - Mike asked, because he could not stand the silence.
- I, as a researcher should study all of the Pokemon, but recently we had found out the new types and species of Pokemon. One of them is Rowlett, and new Pokemon may inhabit new region. - She said blushing.
- That looks interesting, do You know anything about Mega Evolution? - Mike asked another question.
- I've heard something about it. It is connected to the bond between the trainer and Pokemon, but I don't know much about this bond. - She looked sad, to knew so few about this concept.
- Don't worry, I got the feeling that soon we will learn more about Mega Evolution, and maybe You will find out deeper bond and the meaning of it toward Pokemon. - He looked at her, and her face was bright and with shy smile. Mike was observing Jenny having fun, so he wanted to do something instead of watching her.
- Hey Lusamine, maybe You want to have battle with me, or see my Pokemon, we might even go and try to catch a Pokemon for You! - Mike just wanted to know more Pokemon, and any opportunity to battle was making Mike forget about anything else.
- Ok, let's go find some Pokemon. I wish I could battle You, but I've been only studying the Pokemon, so I've never caught any or even learnt how to do that. - She smiled even brighter, and her blonde, long hair shined in the sun.
They went couple feet from the skate park, and went into tall grass. Mike handed Lusamine a PokeBall. After few minutes they've encountered, small mouse Pokemon. It was yellow, with brownish stripes. Mike's PokePad said it was Pikachu.
- Lusamine, throw a PokeBall at it! - Mike shouted. So, she did, and white-red ball touched the cheek of Pikachu, and mouse went in. It did one shake, two shakes, and puff, the Pokemon was caught.
Lusamine with so much joy and happiness jumped to hug Mike, she did not even control herself, because she caught her first Pokemon ever. When she hugged Mike, he felt beautiful, flowery smell, completely different of what Jenny smelled like.
Then she summoned Pikachu, and Mike let go Frebble out of his Premier Ball. The two Pokemon played, and it looked like Pikachu liked its new partner.
Mike and Lusamine chatted about they dreams and other stuff related to Pokemon, when Jenny and Trumi met them on the hill. From the hill there was beautiful view of Lumiose.
Jenny looked happy, so did Lusamine and was more and more open towards her new friends. Trumi looked tired, so Mike decided that they need to do snack break.
Luckily Lusamine was great cook, and she prepared some riceballs, and chocolate chips. Also, she gave some snacks to Pokemon, she then introduced Pikachu to rest of the pack.
After that break they continued on the Route, when they were about to leave last bunch of tall grass the strange Pokemon appeared. It was standing on two feet, and it looked like a dog, but with blue fur and mask-like black feature around its eyes.
- Lucario! Come back, what did I tell about wandering around!? - the female voice was heard. Mike opened the PokePad, and the data of Lucario was registered. Mike, somehow noticed cool and strange aura emitting from that Pokemon.
The Pokemon made a circle around Mike, sniffed him, jumped up in place and stood still.
In short while, the blades were heard.
- Lucario stop right there! - the lady with helmet and blades screamed. Her outfit was white with pinkish accents. Her hair were light blonde. She noticed that Lucario got serious and is sniffing something.
- I am Korrina, I love to ride on rollerblades around Kalos. Nice to meet You! - She said introducing herself. Mike and the rest introduced themselves. Lucario was not letting his sight of Mike.
- Miss, what is Lucario doing? - Jenny asked. Lusamine wanted to explain the matter, but Korrina was faster.
- Lucario is a Pokemon who naturally senses other Pokemon and people aura. Your aura must have something promising in it. I've never seen my Lucario to be so serious. When You will get strong enough please find us in Shalour City and I'll let this Lucario battle You! - Korrina said, apologizing for the disturbance. After that she was off to one of the skate parks.
Mike and the rest felt strange, but Mike nodded in approval of the challange, and he actually could not wait to battle that Lucario.
Finally they got to Camphrier Town, the city was surrounded by big, ancient wall. On the hill they could see a castle, in the guidebook named Chateu de Shabboneu. It look very old, and Mike wondered what ancient Pokemon may live there.
Also, they noticed that the city is decorated, and the guidebook said, that every year they do celebrate the Festival of the Giant.
- Oh! Are You ready for some tourguide around the city and the castle. - Lady in orange dress asked.
- Sure, we want to know the story behind the castle history. - Mike agreed, and rest of them nodded for approval.
The guide guided them around the city, telling that the first settlements were here created by people from Kanto alongside their Pokemon. Before settlements, the Kalos region was all big jungle. The caves had hidden magical stones, which eventually allowed Pokemon to evolve. Many of them adopted the evolution and it became written in their genes, so they now can do it naturally. One of the first researchers of Kalos was famous now, Professor Oak, and his delegate, Jamar Ketchum. This is the main reason why Kalos is inhabitated by Pokemon, who are native to Kanto.
All four of them listened carefully, about the history of Kalos region. The Chateu was build for the first king in the Kalos region. The people living there currently are descendants of this king. They made to castle, but saw something strange. The big, chubby Pokemon was lying in front of the bridge, which lead to castle gate.
Guide said that this is the guardian of the castle, the Snorlax. It is said that Snorlaxes are protecting the entrance to castle since the beginning, when the first settlements were made here in Camphrier Town. Only the owners of the castle had a tool to wake it up, it is secret-hidden PokeFlute. Yes, it is the copy of the one found in Mr. Pokemon in Kanto. As You see, resemblance to Kanto region is more than just the Pokemon living in Kalos. The guide tour stopped here for a while, to grab some snacks.
Inside the castle, the man in dark and red outfit was wandering between the chambers. He looked like he was searching for something. The castle was huge, and it was quite. Only one place with some sound was the main hall, when there was official Pokemon League meeting. But, somehow this man managed to sneek past the guards and the guests. In front of him was Trevenant, who could easily go through walls. It helped the man scan the castle, without making much noise.
When Trevenant went to one of the chambers on the third floor, it looked like it founded something. The man went inside, Trevenant used Hypnosis to put to sleep the guards before they were able to warn anyone.
In the chamber inside there was a glassy table, with glass like in museum. There was a stick with holes, and white-red PokeBall on it.
"That is, this is PokeFlute. I need to steel so, we can stop the awakening of the acient Pokemon of Kalos." After this thought the PokeFlute was in his hands. Trevenant managed to teleport the man outside the main gate...

Snorlax looked much asleep. But, still looked like if someone was not paying attention it may squeeze them. Mike was overwhelmed by the size of this Pokemon, and was convinced that if he ever catches such Pokemon it can be huge part in his victories. The guide said, unfortunately the entrance to the castle is guarded today, so it means there is some event going in the castle. We cannot go in, so our guide trip ends here. It was almost evening, so Mike and the rest decided to find the place to sleep.
When they turned to go to central part of the Town, the peacful snore of Snorlax went quite. They've seen big shadow in front of them, and it didn't look good for them.
Somehow Snorlax was not asleep, and looked angry. Lusamine said, that Snorlax after eating plenty of food, need many hours of sleep. If awoken earlier it gets very angry. So, this must have happened to that Pokemon.
They knew the won't be able to run away from it, but Mike was scary to do something. The Pokemon looked scary.
Snorlax went on rampage, smashing anything on its way....

Will Mike and co, be alright? Why was Snorlax awaken? Where is owner of the castle?

To be continued....