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Pokemon Story: Part 20 - Professor Sycamore and new task!

by sucuri

sucuri Our heroes managed to settle in Lumiose Metropoly! They seen some nice things there, but finally they stopped by Prof. Sycamore's lab. Mike, Jenny and Trumi will continue on their journey within Kalos Region!
The beautiful day had risen up over Lumiose.

Mike, when wake up, had noticed that Jenny was not lying beside him. So, he decided to do morning habits and then wait for Jenny in the room. He was little bit worried when she did not show up until he was done with shower. He was thinking what Jenny might be doing.
Luckily she came back with delicious croissants and some crisps. So, they ate the breakfast and chatted, they also wondered what is Trumi doing.

After the breakfast they check-out from the hotel, and decided to wander around the city. So, when they went out to the city it was around 11. While walking around the city, Jenny was holding Mike's hand tightly and her smile was very cheerful. She again had beautiful outfit: her hair were loose with bandana in it, she had white outfit which ended with skirt. She wore long, white socks. Mike thought she looked gorgeous.
Suddenly, they bumped on the strange person. She had long, blonde, curly hair. She wore something what looked like robe with golden endings. After the bump she fell down, and blushed.
"Sorry Miss, we were not paying attention to where we were going. Are You ok?" - Mike said, trying to sound polite.
"I'm fine, I wasn't either paying attention. My name is Lusamine, and am looking for Professor Sycamore. Do You know where can I find him?" - the lady asked, with strange accent. Mike noticed PokePad in her hand, and earplug.
"Prof. Sycamore, I know that he is our regional specialist of Pokemon, but I am not sure where he lives. What are You looking for from him, we rececntly saw him at the Beginners Cup in Acquacorde Town?" - Jenny said to her.
"I just have some important notice to him, because we might have discovered new Pokemon islands. Do You mind if I stick with You, I don't know anyone in this huge town and I don't want to get lost. Maybe we can find Professor's lab." - quite boldly Lusamine asked. Jenny had noticed the outrageously beautiful gem on her chest.
"No, not at all! It is always good to know new people. We are just rookies in this region, we just started our journey to Pokemon League few weeks ago." - Mike cheerfully said. He was kinda happy that he can meet other trainers and people who work with Pokemon.

So, Mike, Jenny and Lusamine together started to walk around the city. Mike was the one who asked the most question, as he wanted to know how Pokemon research looks like. Lusamine was answering politely and Jenny had noticed smile on her face. It looked like everyone who talks to Mike is unable not to smile. Lusamine had started her journey as a Pokemon Trainer but she was not good battler so she decided to focus on research. She enjoyed discovering new things about Pokemon, and her recent achivement was the discovery of Mega Evolution. It wasn't only her that pushed it forward but she was in the team that had to look closely at the process of Mega Evolution. There are still unanswered questions but she started to name the instances and devices needed for the process of Mega Evolution.

They were walking around the city, chatting and having fun. They noticed building which looked like Laboratory. They decided to stop and read the sign in front of it. The sign said: "Professor Sycamore's Lab - promising researcher, who knows a lot about Pokemon, expert at evolution. For many the place where their journey starts".
So, here they were, they were in front of the Professor's Lab. So, they decided to go in.

The Lab was open, and when they went inside they sawy huge greenhouse and many people in aprons. One of them came up to the three and asked: "How may I help You? Are You here to visit our Greenhouse?"
"No, sir, we are looking for Prof. Sycamore. Do You know where he might be?" - Lusamine asked.
"Oh! You must be new trainers in Kalos. Professor works here but is out in the field doing some research with a guy called Alain. I am Chuck and am working here as a specialist of Grass Pokemon, if You mind waiting for a Professor I will show You around the Greenhouse" - said guy in the apron with greenish gloves.
"Ok, I guess we do not have anything else to do, it will be so cool to see new Pokemon!" - Mike said cheerfully. And rest of the girls agreed and group had followed Chuck. Lusamine did not look that much excited about the Greenhouse. But during their walk she was talking about some interesting facts about the Pokemon they met.
They walk around the Greenhouse and Chuck was holding the baits and snacks for the Pokemon. While they were walking he gave to everyone some snacks and Pokemon started to come up closer. They've seen Budew, Hoppip, Flabebe, Ivysaur, Oddish, Gloom, Weepinbell, Tangela, Weedle, Kakuna, Beedrill, Scyther and many more Pokemon. There was even one which they did not know, and Chuck said that thanks to researchers they had discovered new species of Pokemon. They named it Rowletts for now. They were bird Pokemon, who like to hide in the treetops. They've only managed to see it from far away. It was nice walk and they also talked about the Pokemon, and asked if they can let their Pokemon go play with those in Greenhouse. When Chuck nodded for approval: Fletchling, Noibat, Goomy, Carbink, Chimchar, Bulbasaur, Mr. Mime, Flabebe all were outside playing and eating with the Greenhouse Pokemon.
The time passed and when they were heading to exit they saw Trumi standing there and playing with one of the Rowletts. He noticed them and with the Rowlett on his shoulder came up to the group. Right after that Professor Sycamore came.
"Welcome to my Laboratory, we research here very important things about Pokemon. I remember three of You from Acquacorde Town. Mike, Jenny and Trumi how is Your journey going?" - he seemed not to pay attention to Lusamine.
"We are doing fine! I manage to earn my first badge, so soon I will qualify for Pokemon League!" - Mike said with much of proudness.
"I am too very well, I also earned my first badge." - Trumi said.
"Sir, I am Lusamine. I am one of the researchers who were looking for mystery around Mega Evolution, but recently we have discovered new Islands. They are possibly inhabitated by new kinds of Pokemon!" - Lusamine with much confidence and calmly said.
"Oh! I see, so this is were these Rowletts come from! That is great information, please before You leave, give me the report and I will contact leader of the researchers via PokeCommunicator. As it goes for You it is good that You came here, because each of You will get one more Pokemon from me. These three are Kalos originated. Every starting trainer may choose from them. Unfortunately, I have only these three here, so You need to share them!" - Professor lead them to the table next to the research station. The Rowlett did not want to leave Trumi's shoulder, so Sycamore agreed that Trumi may take it with him.
On the table were three Premier Balls. On the screen above there were shown Chespin, Fennekin and Froakie. Jenny as the first to choose went to the table and picked up the cutest one which was fire fox Fennekin. Then Trumi had chosen Chespin as he thought it will be good for his team. So, Mike was left with Froakie, but he liked this Pokemon and for the first time he gave it a name Frebble.
After that Sycamore gave them another task. "On the way to achieve Your dream of becoming Pokemon Master I would like to ask You to take these machines which I gave You in Acquacorde Town and gather as much information about different kind of Pokemon as possible. And Lusamine, Your head-reasearcher said that Your task is to broaden Your scientific knowledge and come back to these Islands when You finish the journey." - Sycamore was delighted to see such young and determined folks in front of him. He rememebered when he met Ash or Alain, but he somehow knew that these three will have somehow bigger impact on Pokemon world.
Lusamine looked puzzeled. She did not know what to do after, she did not know much of the Kalos. Just in time Mike asked her: "You seem pretty knowledgible about Pokemon, why don't You come with us for a little bit! We can use Your knowledge in our battles and also You can learn new things about Pokemon! You can depart from us whenever You will like it is good for You." - She looked less puzzeled but it took a while she had spoken. Jenny looked happy to have more people travelling with them, but also worried because Mike was very happy with new girl.
"I am not sure. I guess that is good idea to stick with You for now." - She shyly said.

So, Sycamore handed them some guidebooks and told them that next Gym is in Cyllage City, but it is quite far away from here. Trumi was also able to take Rowlett with him.

So, four of them, Mike, Jenny, Trumi and Lusamine set off for yet another chapter of their journey.

Is Lusamine a key secret to new Islands? What is going on with Madame X and Monsieur Y? How did Trumi earn his badge?

The answer to this question might be answered in next chapters...

Up until then take care and
To be continued...