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Pokemon Adventures with Jeff: Part 2, Viridian City black out, Enter squirtle

by JeffEliteTrainer637

So I walked on and I finally made it to Viridian City. "Finally," I thought "I'm here, I wonder where Misty, my sister is."
"Professor Oak, when do you think my brother is going to get here," said Misty
"I'm pretty sure he will be here tommarrow, he has to take a longer road than the other 2 I requested," replied Oak "which one you think he will chose."
"Maybe squirtle, he loves water types, which what makes him my brother," Misty replied.
"Hmm interesting," said Oak.
The phone began to ring and Oak picked up the phone. My face popped up on the screen.
"Hey Oak, just so you know I'm in Viridian City," I said into the mic.
"Excellent so you will be getting here tommarrow," replied Oak.
"Yep see ya when I get there," I said.
I put down the phone and walked over to one of the couches in the Pokemon center. I lay down and closed my eyes.
Before I knew it it was morning. I walked over to thank nurse Joy, but the power went out.
"Everyone please leave the building, I repeat, please leave the building," said a familiar female voice, maybe nurse Joy.
I ran out and ran out of town in fear. I ran down route 1 and before I knew it, I was there. I ran straight into the lab, gasping for air.
"I'm here," I said.
I saw 2 other kids and I recognized them as my friends, Phoebe and Kevin. I walked to stand beside them.
"Jeff, step forward, you pick first," Oak said.
Then I knew my choice, I walked forward and picked up squirtle.
"Welcome to the team," I whispered to squirtle.
To be continued.