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Pokemon Story: Part 18 - Santalune City and Viola!

by sucuri

sucuri Mike, Jenny and Trumi after finishing the Beginners Tournament finally got to Santalune City. Read below what will happen next..
Mike dreamt this night of some strange, white lion. He saw him in some distant region, what looked like islands. Behind the lion he saw very, bright light shining through. Lion said: "Please, save our islands from the moonset! The evil team Darkness is coming to my lair, You have a year to save us, if not whole word will be consumed by darkness..."
After that Mike with sweat, snapped out from the dream. When he looked around the room, he saw light in it, but he wasn't sure if the dream was real or no. He saw Jenny lying beside him. She was lying on the front, her nipples showing just a bit on the angle.
Besides the pleasant view, Mike decided to go take the shower, and do all the morning habits. During that his mind was filled with the thing he had dreamt.
Then he decided to go down, and find some bakery to buy something for breakfast. He bought donuts, and famous around Kalos macarons. He also bought cup of tea and hot chocolate. Then he returned to the room, when Jenny was wide awake. He handed her the hot chocolate. They went to wake up Trumi, and share donuts and macarons with him.
- I need to tell You about something. I dreamt abour white lion this night, and he demanded my help. Could this be real? - Mike, while taking bite of macarons, said.
- Did he say something else? - Trumi asked.
- He said about team Darkness at I need to help him within a year. - Mike responded.
- So, You need to be done with Kalos League withing one year which is exactly 365 days from today. Is that right? - Trumi kept asking.
- Yup, but I do not even know where this lion is coming from and this team Darkness sounds scary. - Mike with some sort of uncertainty said.
- Do not worry about that now Mikky, soon things will clear out! - said Jenny - Now, focus on winning the Kalos League, isn't that right? Trumi, let's go to Santalune City Gym! - Jenny with much determination said to Mike.
Luckily, Trumi had official Pokemon League Guide, in which was stated that Viola is Bug Pokemon master.
- Mike, let us do little friendly battle! - Trumi screamed.
So, they decided to fight, right after Mike nodded his head for approval.
It will be one on one battle, each using only one Pokemon.
Mike chose Fletchling, while Trumi decided to go with Weedle.
Fletchling was very fast using Agility together with Quick Attack. Needle, got hit couple of times, but was able to keep battling spirit. Trumi and his bug Pokemon countered with String Shot, and Poison Sting. It managed to slow down bird Pokemon, and it got poisoned. Fletchling used Peck and that was enough to knock out Weedle.
They needed to treat Fletchling quickly so they run back up to Pokemon Center, but before they went Weedle evolved to Kakuna.
After visit in Poke Center, the pack decided to head up to Santalune Gym.
They went inside, and saw battle in full heat. It was Darkrai they saw. It was crushing the leaders Pokemon.
- Darkin, chill out! You had already won! - Mike couldn't stand, and screamed.
Darkrai stopped and Viola's Vivillion was unable to fight.
- You won this battle Darkin! According to rules I present this Bug Badge to You, although I do not like how You treat Your Pokemon! Some day You Pokemon will go against You in the moment You expect the least. If You really want to be a Pokemon Master You should change how You treat Your Pokemon. - After that Viola handed him Bug Badge, and after he left, she turned out to her Vivillion. She never had seen her friend to be in such condition.
- I'm sorry for that Miss. I wanted to challange You for Gym battle, but Your Pokemon are more important now. You should take them to Nurse Joy. - Mike with sadness in his voice, said.
- Thank You, if not Your interuption my Pokemon could be in even worse condition. When I heal my Pokemon, we will have a battle. - Viola recalled her Vivillion and all of them went to Poke Center. On they way the three trainers introduced themselves, and Viola had taken some pictures during her previous battle. She managed to get nice shot of Darkrai, so she actually was somehow happy. But, she did not like how Darkin was treating his partners and his opponents.
When they finally got back to the Gym, the stage was set for the battle.
The challanger Mike from Vaniville Town versu Viola, Santalune Gym Leader.
The trainer which first will have knocked out both enemy Pokemon will be declared a winner.
The battle begin.
Viola chose Surskit, and Mike went with Fletchling.
- Ok, Fletchling let show Viola our synergy. Use Agility!
- Nice, move! - Viola screamed while taking a picture of the battle.
Surskit used Bubble. But, Fletchling was able to dodge it, and anwered with Quick Attack.
At the close Surskit used Protect, which blocked bird's attack. But, Mike did not give up, and kept using Quick Attack. Fletchling was so fast, that Surskit was late on using Protect. Viola then decided to hit with Signal Beam, but another Quick Attack was enought to KO Bug Pokemon.
Surskit is unable to fight, challanger Mike may switch Pokemon.
Mike decided to stay with Fletchling.
Viola's next Pokemon was Vivillion. It is very beautiful Pokemon, its wings can have different colors, this one had purple colored.
It went with Psychic, and Fletchling was hit. But, it still had stamina to fight. So, it used Agility one more time followed with Peck. Vivillon was preparing Solar Beam, but before that it used Gust to repel bird's Pokemon attack. So, Fletchling was unable to hit Vivillion.
The Solar Beam was ready to hit, and Fletchling did not dodge it. This meant that it got KO.
Gym Leader Viola managed to draw the scoreline.
Mike decided to go with Carbink, as he thought it will repel Gust attack.
Mike went with usual tactic of Harden and Sharpen raising Carbink's stats. While Vivillion Psychic and Gust were not that effective. Then Mike used Rock Throw, which hit Vivillion and it felt dizzy.
Viola's Pokemon was preparing for Solar Beam, but Mike decided to go for Rock Throw. The Grass attack was not quick enough and Vivillion did not dodge Carbink's attack. It looked like one more attack will finish off Bug Pokemon. Solar Beam hit after all, but Carbink was able to dodge it. Last attack was Dazzling Gleam, the trump card of Fairy Pokemon. The attack hit and Vivillion was unable to fight.
Challenger Mike has defeated both of Viola's Pokemon.
- Hereby, I Santalune Gym Leader, present to You this Bug Badge to You. You fought well, and You synergy with Your Pokemon was tip-top. May this Badge be first step in Your story of Pokemon Master. - Viola presented the Badge, and also handed the special device to teach Pokemon special moves. It contained Infestation, special Bug type attack.
Jenny was so happy that Mike made his first step towards Pokemon League and she pressed the egg harder to her breasts.
They took group photo, and headed up to Poke Center to heal Mike's Pokemon.
Mike felt great, because he won his first Gym battle, so seven to go.
They headed up to Route 4 for more adventures to come.

To be continued...
  1. sucuri
    @PkmnTrainerMike thank You, I have lots of uni stuff to catch up, but am planning to continue on the journey :)
    Aug 26, 2016
  2. PkmnTrainerMike
    I like how you presented the first gym battle. Really cool!
    Aug 24, 2016
    sucuri likes this.