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Pokemon Story: Part 17 - And the winner is... Santalune City Welcome to!

by sucuri

sucuri This time the winner of the Beginners Cup will be crowned. Who will be that winner?
And, so will Mike's journey continue.
The screams were heard very loud. They were coming from the stadium, were the battle between Darkin and Alain was well in the action.

Mike was holding Jenny's hand and was watching as Charmander is going even with Darkrai.
Then there was a cloud of smoke covering the ice field. From beneath the Dark Pokemon was standing. Darkin was one Pokemon short of being a winner, and Darkrai did not even look tired.
Even though, the was clear tension in the crowd. Alain last Pokemon was Bagon, another Dragon type Pokemon.

The attacks started right away, hit after hit, blow after blow. Darkrai looking tired, Bagon looking fit in shape.
"So, that was trump card of Alain" - so, Mike thought.

The final attacks - Draco Meteor, and Dark Pulse were struck. Cloud of smoke, and Bagon was standing, heavily breathing.

- So, Darkrai is fainted!! Wow, that is very heated battle!! - Even though Darkari was fainted couple of times at this Cup, the sight was always shocking and with much tension.

Darkin went with Scyther. And one Wing Attack was enough to knock out Dragon Pokemon.

- And the winner is Darkin!! This time no one stood to his level! All participants please prepare for the decoration, and group photo!! - the annoucement was made.

The Beginner's Cup was over. The crowd was loud and waited for the decorations.
Mike went with Jenny on the field ground and started to waive hands to the viewers.

The podium was set on stage. Mike and Ash stood just beneath the podium. Alain was given a silver medal, and his Pokemon special ribbons. Then Darkin step up on the podium, was handed gold medal and Beginner's Trophy.
The trophy was handed by smooth guy, with black semi-long hairs. He wore white robe-like vest.

- All of you young participants are the future of Kalos region. Do not be sad with Your loses here, because your journeyj just started. I believe that we will meet again in my lab in Lumiose City. I'm Professor Sycamore and I am very happy that the youth had grown enough to start its own journey!! - he finished he went to one and each of the young trainers and handed them pack of 5 PokeBalls, all with special plates, when captured Pokemon name will be visible. Sycamore stopped little longer in front of Mike.

- I have noticed something familiar and promising in you Mike. You really are your parent son. Why would you not take Pokemon League challenge? With Your battling skills it should not be very hard for You? - Mike blushed and was very happy than so well-known professor had praised his skills this much. - First head off to Santalune City, and take on challenge with its Gym Leader Viola. Do not worry, I had got Your fathers note, and registered You as an official Kalos Region Pokemon Trainer. Jenny is also the one who can take part of competition! - After that, Mike looked into Jenny's eyes for a while, and noticed that fire and determination that he cannot give now on his dreams.

- Soon, profesor You will hear about me even more! - Mike was happy to be a part of this event, but was also ready to start his move to Santalune City. After that the decoration was over, and it was still early evening, so Mike and Jenny went for party which was thrown by Serena and the pack.

While on the party, in the city, near Trainer's Hotel two people in orange robes were seen sneakin' in. The long, orange hairs, and semi-long red and blue hairs. They went inside and pretented to be a counter people, and the real one was banded with rope.

Mike and Jenny already packed their backpacks and were ready to leave the Town.
- Good Bye Ms. Jinna!! - Mike and Jenny screamed.
- Maybe You will stay longer, let me see if Your Pokemon are well?! - lady Jinna asked.

Mike without much thinking and just to be sure his Pokemona are well, handed her his PokeBalls. Mike saw two big eyes, and the darkness...

Jenny saw Mike collapse:
- What you did to Mike?! - She was wearing jeans shorts, white, clumsy shirt. On top of that she had black unzipped vest. She wore also purple scarf on her hairs, tied up behind.
She threw PokeBall and Mr. Mime jumped from it. - Confusion, Mimmy!
Something reflected that attack. - Use Psychic on Mike's PokeBalls! - So did Mr. Mime. Then enemy Malamar used Hypnosis to put in sleep mime Pokemon. But, it missed.

- Trickat, use Thunderschock! - Trumi's Blitzle attack was on point. Then Mr. Mime used Psychic and Malamar was almost done. Another Thundershock was enough for X and Y people to run away.

- Mike are you ok? - Jenny asked.
- Yup, I just got confused by something. Let's go to Santalune City!

So, Mike, Trumi and Jenny together headed up North to Route 3. Just when they were about to leave the Town, Alain came up to Mike. He handed him an Egg.
- Here, keep this Egg, the more steps You make the closer to hatching it will be! You need to find out what kind of Pokemon is that!
- Thank You Alain, where are You heading next?
- Imma about to go to Lumiose City, and then head out to find out about Mega Evolution. Next time be sure, to have Your Mega Pokemon to fight!
- Sure I will, good luck on Your journey! - So, each went seperate ways, Jenny wished Alain good luck as well. Her eyes got very big, when she saw an Egg. Mike handed it to her, and she was taking care of that white with red circles Egg.

So, Route 3 was very pleasant. They saw some Fletchlings, Scatterbugs and Pidgey's there. Trumi even caught one Weedle there and fought Schoolboy Brighton. Right after the battle Weedle evolved into Kakuna. Jenny was scared of this Bug Pokemon and kept closer to Mike.

Around 9 P.M. they managed to get to Santalune City and went straight to PokeCenter.

They booked rooms there and went sleep awaiting next day to come...