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Pokemon Story: Part 16 - The Finals are near!

by sucuri

sucuri In the last chapter we were able to know the Semi-Final pairs. But, what will happen next? There are 4 strong contenders, but who will emerge victorious in the end? Please enjoy new chapter as Mike tries to make his way to the final. Semi-Finals are one on one battle, when trainer can use up to 3 Pokemon, registered before this round.
Enjoy :)
I recommend to read Parts 1-15 before reading this one.
The day was beautiful and with a lots of sunshine. The Fletchlings and Wingulls flew cheerfully, and sat on nearby roofs and trees. At that early hour the town was plain dead, no soul was on the streets, besides one, young gentleman.

That's right Mike was preparing the strategy for the battle against Alain. Mike was lucky to be paired with him in Team Battles in Quarter-Finals. He was not sure exactly how good Alain was, but he looked very calm, and strategically superior.

Mike was not able to sleep, the finalist had couple of days of break, and during the day he spent the time with Jenny and other trainers who competed in the Tourney, but decided to stay until Finals. But, it was Jenny's company that made him motivated and relaxed the most.

Almost every evening, they went for some night walks around the city. During the walks they had seen numerous Pokemon, and had been sure that their dream is to be a Pokemon Trainer. And Mike knew, that win or loose in this tournament is just the beginning of his long journey.

But, as for now he was alone with his team. He didn't decide yet, which Pokemon he wanted to use. So, he trained with all his partners. When dawn was near, Mike decided to go to Trainer's Hotel for breakfast. He met Jenny, Dawn, Tierno, Trumi and some other participants of the Tournament. He did not see Alain, Ash or Darkin, though.

The Semi-Finals were suppose to start around 4 pm. So, until then Mike was chilling out with Jenny and Trumi. Trumi, it turned out, was very cheerful person, and he had broad knowledge about Pokemon typings. He already been in Pokemon League, but without much success. He got eliminated in the first round. Mike was eager to know what were his other Pokemon, but Trumi said, that recently, connection with Professor's Elm laboratory was poor. Although, Trumi was out of Tournament he decided to stay for the decoration, and all the participants decided to throw farewell party soon.

So, the Semi-Finals where near, and Mike felt really motivated but also stressed. He wanted to win it of course, as this was his first experience with battling.

Minute after minute the stadium become more and more crowded.

Mike was waiting for his turn, but first battle was between Ash and Darkin. Mike knew that Ash had been skillfull battler, and had been participant in Pokemon League for several years in a row. Mike wondered if Ash will use some of his powerhouses or will stick with what he used in earlier stages in the Tournament.

- Welcome, welcome! Ladies and gentelman we have only three battles left!! Who will be the winner? We have four strong battlers. - the commentator said.

- Let me introduce them to you. First, we have Darkin from Azalea Town, Jotho; he is very strict trainer, and his Darkrai is really scary looking. Second, we have Ash Ketchum from Pallet Town, we did not see his full potential yet. Then, we have Alain from Lumiose Metropoly, who is looking very strong. And last, but not least we have Mike from Vaniville Town, and whose dad is our famous Gym Leader.

- So, let the battles begin. - the speaker said.

Ash and Darkin stepped forward. They were fighting on water field. It was slight disadvantage for Darkin, but those are rules of the tournament.

Battle was very intense, becasue Darkin decided to go with Scyther against Ash's Pikachu. Electric mouse knocked out bug Pokemon with much confidence. After, Darkrai was the Pokemon which bad guy chose.

Pikachu was very fierce in this battle, but after few Dark Pulses, it was knocked out. Then same happened to Ash's Fletchling. But, Ash's Froakie managed to faint out Darkrai. Unfortunately, it was so exhausted that it was unable to continue.

- So, Darkin is advancing to the Finals! It was fierce battle, but again Darkrai was too much to handle! Now let us prepare for some super strategically good battle.

Mike was kinda shocked that Ash was out of the tournament, but it made him motivated because he wanted to defeat Darkin. But, to do that he first needed to win battle against Alain.

The battle was to be on Rocky Field.

- Ladies and gentleman let us prepare for some one good battle!!! - the crowd went loud.
Mike decided to start with Fletchling, as he expected that Alain will choose Charmander.
So, battle started!
It was Fletchling against Charmander. Both Pokemon used Ember, but bird Pokemon managed to dodge it, while lizard Pokemon got hit. It did little damage. Mike decided to use Gust afterwards. It also hit Charmander. Alain then answered with Quick Attack, and Scratch. But, lizard Pokemon looked unscratched, so he attacked even fiercely. He used Ember, and it was successful and it hit Fletchling. But, Fletchling was ok. The battle continued, it was attack after attack, and neither of monsters wanted to give up. Finally, Charmander got exhausted and was out.
- It is 1:0 for Mike, that was amazing first round, let us see with what Pokemon will Alain go next!!! - speaker said. Jenny kept her fingers crossed, and was happy that Mike was so skilled battler.
Alain decided to go with Gible.
And it attacked with Dragon Rage. This was enough to finish flying Pokemon. It was now even.
Then Mike decided to go with Noibat, which he had not used much in the Tournament. Noibat started with Supersonic, to confuse Dragon Pokemon. It hit Gible, and it started to be confused. When Gible wanted to attack with Bite, it hit itself in the confusion. And that was a time for Mike to strike. Noibat used Gust. Gible got hit, but it still got plenty of stamina to battle. So, Gible prepared Dragonbreath attack, which it learnt right before the battle. It hit Noibat, and it hit critically and this one hit was enough to knock out bat Pokemon.
- Oh well, Alain is winning this battle! It seems that Gible is still fit to battle!! - the mic guy announced.
- So, Mike is left with last Pokemon! Who will he choose!? - that was commentator concern.
Jenny was sure, that no matter which Pokemon, Goomy or Carbink Mike will choose, he will come up with some superior strategy. She was very worried about Mike's situation. Alongside her, Mr. Mimmy was watching, as well as Ash managed to stay and watch the battle. He was also giving his insight about the Pokemon battling.
Mike decided to go with Carbink, as he knew that Fairy type may be useful, both against Dragon types and even Darkrai typing.
- Carbink go! - Mike screamed.
They both started from their usual tactic. Harden used with Sharpen, while Gible was attacking with Bite. It was not very successful, so Carbink could easily boost its stats.
Then when stats were boosted enough, Carbink striked with Rock Throw, and despite Gible being also Ground type, it knocked out Dragon Pokemon.
- It is even battle again, this round will decide who will advance to the finals!! - speaker said!. - What kind of Pokemon has Alain prepared as his final!?
- Go, Pancham! - the crowd was really shocked by the situation. Alain's first two Pokemon looked very strong, and panda Pokemon seemed very different.
Carbink being boosted enough, decided to attack with Dazzling Gleam, but somehow Pancham managed to dodge it, and answered with Comet Punch, which got boosted thanks to panda's ability.
But, it was not enough to take down Carbink. Mike again decided to go with Dazzling Gleam, and this time it hit Pancham. Then Fighting Pokemon used Karate Chop, and with critical hit it was able to knock out Carbink.

- So we have a winner, and it is Alain! But, this was very equal battle. Mike, I hope we will see You at the top one day!! - so Mike lost, Jenny thought. But, finally we can move on and start our journey to become the best trainers in the whole world.

- Tomorrow will be our final day of the Tournament, we will have decoration and celebration of our new Champion of Beginner's Cup! Please do come! - the speaker said, and the crowd started to leave the stadium. But, Mike was still standing on the stadium ground, he shook hands with Alain, and promised that if their eyes meet again they will battle. But, he still was there on the stadium, so Jenny decided to quietly sneek in, to just congratulate him for being top4 in his first competition. He did not noticed her at first, because he was deep in his memories. Mike was thinking about his passion for Pokemon, and that it did not matter if he lost, he just wanted to be a part of the Pokemon adventure. He then turned his face to Jenny and said:
- There is no point of being sad, about every lost battle. I can keep going, and each lost battle will bring me closer to my dream. Even though I lost, my bonds with my friends got stronger. And You know what Jenny? - Mike paused for a bit, waiting for Jenny's behaviour.
She blashed a little, and asked: - What is it Mike?
- I just want You to be a part of this adventure too. You make me wanna improve, and keep going further! - Mike said that, and smiled with sincere big smile. He wasn't sad that he lost, he was just motivated to catch some strong Pokemon.
So, the rest of the day passed quite easily. They meet up with rest of the eliminated pack, and chatted, and set up final meeting, after the final battle.

The sun set, and the stars rose up. There were Hoothoot howls heard only.

But, somewhere on the horizon, some strange van appeared, with letters X and Y...
Are they friends, or enemies?... What are their plans?...
For now it was not Mike's concern, he was happy he could spent another day with Jenny and her partners.
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