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Pokemon Story: Part 14 - The Quarter Finals, let's begin!!!

by sucuri

sucuri Finally the bracket stage had begin! Today, there will be only one battle, which will decide which 4 trainers will go to semifinals. Will Mike take his chance? How will Darkin cooperate with his partners? All this will be answered in this part. If you are ready for continuation then you are welcomed to go ahead and read it!
The preparation to the bracket stage went pretty well for Mike and his team. Jenny was also constantly helping with strategies, and together with the team went to help them register their Pokemon. The registration went smoothly, so until end of the day they all were hanging around the town and had fun.

Alain, who at first seemed to be rather cold gal, turned out to be, very chilled out person. It was from him, when Mike first time heard of something called Mega Evolution. This was for him a new idea. So, the day passed, with not very major events happening then.

On the next day Mike woke up first. He put his usual clothes, and went to lobby and let all his partners out from PokeBalls. Noibat, Carbink, Fletchling and Goomy only looked at him.

- All! Go with me, and let's show that our journey to the top starts here. Even if we loose, we will loose as a team, and we will give our best out there!! - Mike motivated his pals. Then he went to restaurant to eat breakfast.


The time of the bracket stage was couple minutes away. But, Mike and his team were already there, on stadium.

- Alright! Alright! As you people gather for todays battle, I will explain rules of the bracket stage once more! - the commentator said. - There are two teams, every made up of three trainers. During that stage we want to test if, three strangers can cooperate together and can pull out some synergy and strategies. That's why there will be points distributed: when one of the trainer's manages to faint Pokemon of opposing team he gets 3 pts; when one trainer manages to faint all 3 opposing Pokemon with one move he gets 3 pts for every and + 6 extra points; next points are given for damaging opponents Pokemon, + 1 point, with extra 3 points for damaging all three Pokemon; but there are minus points as well, when one of trainers will do damage to teammate's Pokemon he looses 2 points, and extra 4 for damaging all; when he manage to faint teammate's Pokemon he looses 2 and will loose extra 5 when fainting all three; and then there are points given to each trainer from winning team, + 3 points; and lastly every trainer whose Pokemon will be non fainted gets 1 point for each, which is added after the battle. Then four trainers with most points advance to Semi-Finals, which is regular 1on1 battle. - The commentator explained the rules, when in meantime the stadium filled out with crowd.

- Todays battle will be held on normal ground, without time limits, every trainer can use up to two Pokemon.

Meanwhile, in the waiting room Mike and his teammates were discusting last minute strategy.

- Good luck Mike! Remember our dreams! I count on you, and will stand by you as long as you we will be going after the dreams! - Jenny with very cheerful mood motivated Mike. Opposite to Mike, Jenny looked calm. She wear short skirt. Because, it was warm outside, she only had white short and non-sleeved shirt which was covering her private parts. She had let her hair loose. She kissed Mike's cheek and whispered something to his ears. This changed Mike look, and he started to look calm and ready.

- Let's go team!! - he said.

- Alright! Let's welcome the teams. First up, is the team with: Alain, Dawn and Mike. Will this three combine their strengths and win this? Alain's calmness and knowledge, combined with Mike's unpredictability, and Dawn's synergy might bring us some bumps today.

- Next up are: Ash, Darkin and Trumi. On paper this team looks as more expierenced, but will Darkin be able to cooperate? Will his selfishness step down, to let his teamates shine also? One thing we know, that Ash is as unpredictable as Mike, while only Mike was able to somehow get good result against Darkin. But, let's remember that Darkin has his trump card, and can decide to use it today.

- So, let your Pokemon out!!! - The commentator screamed. Ash chose Froakie, Trumi Blitzle while Darkin ignored the rest and waited. Other team had chosen: Piplup, Charmander and Goomy.

- Why is Darkin waiting? Is he not willing to help his teammates? - the crowd stared with as much surprise as the commentator did.

- This tourney is for noobs! Go battle, I'll watch! - Darkin said with very angry and dark voice.

- So, that way you will loose, because you won't get the points!! - Mike made a point.

- Just battle scrub!! I don't care!! - Darkin said.

- So, it will be 3 on 2, folks!! So, unfair, but rules are strict! Let's the battle begin! - After the commentator said that, Mike's, Dawn's and Alain's Pokemon attacked. The crowd looked like a stone, amazed by how much synergy this team have. While Ash and Trumi attacked seperately. Charmander's Flamethrower, and Piplup's Bubble hit Blitzle named Trikat. Goomy was just waiting for Fraokie who was very close. Froakie tried to damage Dragon pokemon but missed. Goomy answered with Tackle and did slight damage.

- Mike's team looks very cooperated, while Trumi and Ash are completely clumsy. - Mic guy commented. Will this decide this round? Ash, and Trumi looked like they are cornered.

To be continued...
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