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Pokemon Story: Part 13 - Will You be my Valentine/Mr. Mimentine?

by sucuri

sucuri #flashchallenge
Our heros are taking break from battling for few days. So they decided to relax a bit.
But, on the horizon some strange people appear. What will they do, and will they affect our heroes?
Mike dreamt this night of something strange. While he was sleeping peacefully with Jenny next to him, he could not think of any better awakening in the morning.

The sun was high when he woke up, and it was bright shining as gold in the mine.

He noticed, that Jenny was not seen nowhere near. She must have backed to her chamber, while Mike was still asleep. So, he thought. And then he did all the usual habits of the morning, then run as fast as he could to get breakfast. He met there all of the trainers who paricipated in the tourney.

- Hi! Mike!! Would you like to join us here? - Shauna asked. Next to her were sitting: Serena with her red hat and loose hairs, Tierno with his black shirt, Trevor with his big orangish hairs, Ash and his Pikachu and Dawn and Max. They chatted and talked about everything.

- Sure I will! Have you seen Jenny somewhere?! - Mike joined the company, but he did not see Jenny nearby.
- No, she was not here when we got here, she must be still in her room. - Serena answered.
''That's strange, I have not seen her in my room, not even here. Is something bad happening to her?'' - Mike was wondering. The he ate with the rest some breakfast during which they chatted.
After they finished everyone went seperate ways, because they wanted to relax a bit and see the town.
Beside this tournament the city was famous because of its bridges where lovers could hang their lockers. The town was place near river, and was usually warm and nice almost whole year. Also, during this time the tournament was organized close to lover's day. It was big festival in which participated many people from around Kalos as well as from other regions.
So, Mike was feeling alone, but wondered around the town. He managed to set off to Route 2.
He was walking and deeply thinking. He mistakenly went into tall grass. The battle started and he encountered Fletchling. He battled it and later managed to capture it.
Another Pokemon to Mike's team, he seemed happy, but still wondered what happened to Jenny.
Then again he sailed into his thoughts and again went where the foot took him...

In different place:
X: What we gonna do now?
Y: We need to still that mysterious Pokemon. Let's move to Acquacorde Town.
X: All right!

The two people were talking. The took the truck and drove to the Town. It seemed like they were hiding in some strange cave. It took them while to get to the town. They were wearing black capes and their faces were hidden. But, one of them was man and other was a woman. One of them had X on cape and other one had Y in the same place. Their truck was orange in color, also with initials X and Y.
So, they stopped at one parking lot and switch to regular clothes. The woman had long, orange hairs. She was wearing big black headphones, black shirt, black gloves, and black and purple leggings. She had high-heeled boots, and red skirt. She looked around 32 years old. Men had semi-long red and blue hairs. He was shaved, and wore black vest, which was put over white t-shirt. He had blue jeans and regular, sport shoes.
They approached first, the place where the battlers from the tourney had slept. They stole some bags. After, they went upstairs and some girl saw them as suspicious and tried to stop them. But, her Chimchar had not stand a chance in battle against Malamar and Trevenant.
The girl was beaten and the strange couple took her as a hostage and also because she knew about that steal.


Mike somehow find himself again in the town. He went to the hotel to heal there his pokemon and to say hi to his new friend. He let out Fletchling. And with him Mike went to see the festival and to find something interesting on the stalls there.
He was having fun there with Fletchling, he managed to win some plushy mascot of Pichu. Then he bought some beautiful flowers from the lady who had Beautifly. Then he met Ash and his Pikachu. Ash saw Mike's new pokemon and right away challenged him for a match.
Ash also managed to catch new pokemon in the meantime. The battle was between two Fletchlings. The battle was quick, because Mike could not focus on the strategy. So, Ash's bird pokemon was quicker and managed to beat Mike's Fletchling.
Then, they heard:

"Prepare for trouble, without our disguises!
And make it double, with no surprises!
To protect the world from devastation.
To unite all people within our nation.
To denounce the evils of truth and love.
To extend our reach to the stars above.
And James!
Team Rocket rips you off at the speed of light.
Surrender now, or prepare for a fraudulent fight!
Meowth, that's right!

- Oh! Not again you! - Ash said.
- Who is that? - Mike asked.
- They are Team Rocket, they always try to steal my Pikachu and other pokemon.
- Heeey Ash, Mike! Something bad happened in the Trainer's Hotel! - Shauna run and said.
- Hey, did you do that Team Rocket?! - Ash screamed.
- No, twerk, we just got here! - Pumpkaboo attack with Leech Seed!
- So, right Jessie. Inkay Psybeam.
- That's right, I will Scratch them.
Ash and Mike were not able to prepare their pokemon, but somehow Pikachu was alright and no one get hurt. Some strange screen appeared before them.
Then when smoke fell off they saw mime pokemon.
- Mr. Mime what you doing here? - Ash surprised said.
- Mime, Mr. Mime - he said and pointed the Team Rocket. Then he used Psychic attack and Team R blasted off again.
- So, let's see what is happening in the Hotel!! - Mike decided and went with the rest there.
On the way they bumped on strange people and their bags fall down. Mike quickly picked up it, but felt strange spheres in there.
- Hey, Ash I think this people are thiefs! Let's check their bag! - Mike with suspicious eye asked Ash.
- Alright, sorry for interrupting your date but let us quick look at your bag. We are looking for some strangers who Shauna here saw. - Ash politely asked.
- No way, young man, this is my private bag!
- Take it easy Xardenia! Let them see!
They looked into it and saw some Pokeballs. But, they were not looking suspicious. The couple started to whisper into their ears. Mr. Mime saw this and used telepathy to read their thoughts. After that he attacked them.
- Hey, stupid pokemo why you attack us! Train your pokemon better scamp! - the lady with orange hairs said.
- You see there is nothing strange in this bag! Let's go honey, those youngsters destroyed our date! - The guy said, and their run off. The way they left from there was strange, so Mike said that Ash and Shauna should go to the Hotel to find some clues there. And if they find something let Ash send his Fletchling with a message.
Mike and Mr. Mime and Mike's Fletchling quietly followed couple. They saw them heading into orange truck with X and Y on it. They observed the truck. Mike moved closer and heard some moving inside. Unfortunately, he got noticed.
- Hey, youngster why you are following us, we told you we are normal couple! We sell some flowers and other things. And this is our truck with the name of our company Madame X and Monsieur Y. - The lady said.
- Could you just stop bothering us youn sir! - the man said asking.
- No, I think you are bad guys, Mr. Mime sensed something, so I will not let it go. - Mike stubbornly said.

Inside the truck:
Chimchar use Tackle on those doors - young lady said.
''I think I heard some similar voice" - she thought to herself.
- Help me, help me, they kindnapped me!!! - she screamed as loud as she could and tackled the doors.

- Hey, did you heard that!? I heard some girl screaming!? You are hiding something! Open the truck! - Mike with little bit of angriness said.
- Hey, fellah! It is our pokemon who is moving there and it sometimes sounds like girls voice.
Mike could not stand it:
- Fletchling use Tackle on those doors! I will not stand and listen to this guy, I wont be fooled like small kid!
- Alright, you want to have pokemon battle then you should just ask! Malamar go! - Madame X said.
Fletchling attack Malamar, but its physical attacks were not taking an effect. So, Malamar striked back and Fletchling did not dodge it, and was defeated.
Madame X was happy, but Mr. Mime then suddenly used Psychic and Future Sight. While Malamar was still under an effect of Psychic, Mr. Mime with his psychic powers opened the doors.
Mike was very surprised and sad. From the truck jumped Chimchar, very happy and run straight to Mike. Then he saw Jenny, who he had not seen all day.
- Hi Mike! Let show those bad guys that we are perfect team!
Mike's Flethcling use Aerial Ace, while Chimchar jumped on bird and used Ember. Both attacks hit, and also Future Sight took an effect.
- Give back the stolen bag, thiefs!! - Mike screamed.
While disturbed, Mr. Mime managed to bring the bag back to Mike.
The X and Y truck in hurry set off and the strange couple run away.

- Thank You Mike for helping me!!
- You should thank Mr. Mime not me, he was suspicious about them!
- Oh, You've caught new pokemon. Hello Fletchling, nice to meet you!!
- Yes!
Then Mr. Mime said to them by telepathy that he wanted to be a savior, and cannot stand when something bad is happening in this town. Then he said to Jenny, will be my Mr. Mimentine, which meant if she wants to be his trainer. Mime liked her style and cute voice. She nodded with approval, so she threw a ball and she also had a new friend.
Then Mike with a blush on his face, asked if Jenny wants to walk around the town to see the festival. They went first to hotel to say that everything is ok, and healed their pokemon. Then Jenny let Mr. Mime go of his Pokeball. Mike found his things which he won and bought on festival.
- Will be my Valentine Jenny? - With blush on his face Mike asked. He gave her the Pichu mascot and flowers. Then they walked around the city, they saw moonlight and fireworks. They had romantic walk and again had great time together. They were laughing and their new friends were happy with them.
Then Jenny decided to sleep with Mike.

So, this day full of things ended.
  1. Mike wants to battle!
    Mike wants to battle!
    this story is so romantic action packed and plain out AWSOME
    10/10 Nate and Mike wants to battle! :angel:<.>:love:8):D:):p;):up::up:
    Aug 30, 2015
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