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Pokemon Story: Part 11 - Mike's Sadness... and...

by sucuri

sucuri The group stage of the tournament is really unpredictable. In last chapter our heroes managed to pull of some surprising results. Check out what will happen next... But, before you do that go read ch 1 to 10. Good luck.
And again, a beautiful day came to Aquacorde Town.

The tournament already started and some battles were finished. It was around 4pm.
Group A battles were first to be held. In first battle of the day, Ash had to battle his old friend, who he met on Professor Oak's Summer Camp in Kanto region. As for now, Ash is second in his group and Serena is third. This battle decided who will advance to later stage.
The battle was once again amazing, but Serena was no match for Ash and she lost 2:0. Her Fennekin was stubborn but it was not enough.
Then next battle was even more surprising. With Alain and Ash battling together. And we saw a draw here 2:2, while Ash's Froakie defeted Alain's Charmander. But, Alain's Gible managed to faint Froakie as well as make Pikachu faint, but also Dragon pokemon got exhausted.
Then, Alain had his second chance, as well as Serena, to show off their skills.
Unfortunately, Serena lost again, but she managed to defeat Charmander. It was 2:1 for Alain.
Then, Trumi and his Blitzle managed to defeat Max 2:0.
Then, two kind girls were battling. Even though Shauna lost 2:1, the battle was very skillful and nice to watch for Mike. Iris got some needed points. And last battle of Group A today was, between Iris and Trumi.
Fatty trainer was skillful battler and was going even with Iris. The battle ended 2:2.
- So, ladies and gentleman Group A is almost concluded, tomorrow last battles. But, today we know for sure that Alain and can advance to next stage, if they win next battles. But, there is still a place for surprises, because the third spot is still open. - The commentator said.
- Know, we will have short brake before Group B will start. In meantime let see the standings from both Groups.
- Group A, after today's battles: Alain 22pts, Ash, 19pts, Trumi, 16pts, Iris 13pts, Serena 11pts, Max 5pts and Shauna 4pts.
- Group B, before today's battles: Darkin 17pts, Mike 16pts, Dawn 14pts, Jenny 7pts, Trevor 1pt, Mairin and Tierno 0pts.
- Group B looks very interesting. Can Mike after today be a leader in his group?! We will find out shortly, folks!!! - Commentator screamed as loud as he could.
Mike took his place at the stands and observed the battles. He should have easy wins today, but he was worried about Jenny. She had to battle Darkin.
- First battle of Group is about to begin!!! It will be between two zeropointers. Can Tierno's dancing team win?!
Mairin and Tierno battled. It was rather boring battle, but Tierno managed to win it 2:1.
Shortly after this battle there were to start real battles.
- First place Darkin vs third place Dawn. - Commentator announced. - It will be fierce battle.
The battle started quickly with Piplup getting some advantage over Tyrogue. Piplup seemed to be faster than Tyrogue. So, little penguin was jumping and using Water Pulse against Tyrogue. After one of those attack Tyrogue got confused and hit itself. This made him faint.
But, unfortunately for Dawn, Scyther was no much for Piplup. And Pachirisu put some fight, but lost also and Darkin won 2:1. And again, Darkin's naughty smile made Dawn almost cry.
Then Darkin went to heal his pokemon. And Jenny was preparing for her battle.
Mike came to her, he was very worried about her. He battled Darkin and he knew that he is using sheer power to crush his opponents. For Mike, Jenny was to fragile to experience this.
- Jenny please give everything you have got! But, also be careful, Darkin knows how to play on your emotions. When you battle him you get frustrated. If you do not mind I want to come with you on stadium and cheer you up from there!
- Ok, Mikky! Let's go! The audience is waiting! - she said with shy smile and determination in her eyes. She looked beautiful today.
- Alright, Darkin is almost guaranteed to be in next round. But, will he again crush his opposition brutally or will he take it easy?! - Mic guy said.
Darkin versus Jenny. Who will come up top?
Darkin had the right to choose his pokemon first. And surprisingly he chose Scyther instead of Tyrogue.
Jenny decided to give her advantage and used Chimchar. Chimchar used Ember with high jumps to counter Scyther's ability to fly. Because it was an Ice field both pokemon had some disadvantage.
- Jenny, try to use Ice at your advantage. You can neutralize Night Slashes from Scyther just slidining on the ice!! - Mike screamed. "Alright Mike, do not tell me what to do. I know!!". - Chimchar slide on ice and the use jump and Flamethrower to blaze Scyther.
Then Scyther used its speed and used Night Slash, while Chimchar dodged it and use Flamethrower. After this, Jenny finished Scyther with Scratch.
- Scyther is unable to fight! 1:0 for Jenny!! - the referee said.
- Way to go Jenny!! -- Mike was happy, but at the same time worried.
- I would not be so happy, battle is not over yet, you twerk!! - Darkin seemed angry.
- Go Tyrogue!!
Second round started quickly. Tyrogue was using ice with better precise than Chimchar. And again sheer force and Bulk Up, made Tyrogue very strong. Jenny had to watch one such attack meant over for fire monkey. Chimchar was dodging all of them. It jumped over and over again. He use Ember against Tyrogue. Then Jenny come out with strategy to use fire on the ice beneath Tyrogue feet. But, it was moving so fast that, boiled ice was left behind it. Lastly, Tyrogue got very close to Chimchar it used Low Sweep. And this was enough to faint Chimchar.
- You see I crushed your stupid monkey!! - Darkin was making fun of Jenny. Mike saw this and was feeling angry at Darkin, he almost could not stand it.
- Chimchar you were great! Go, Bulbasaur! - Jenny was trying not to listen to Darkin and tried to stay calm.
Her Bulbasaur was ready to fight. It used Vine Whip to get close to Tyrogue, the followed it with Razor Leaf. Tyrogue did not dodge them. He just was skating on ice to get closer and closer. He used Bulk Up and used Double Kick and Low Sweep. Bulbasaur managed to dodge the first one but got hit by second. Only his Overgrow ability was keeping him in this battle. But, last Low Sweep was enough to finish poor plant pokemon.
- So, you stupid girl you were no match for my team. How such weakling even started the journey!? - Jenny looked like crying.
Mike was so pissed right now, that he wanted to punch this guy right when he stood.
But, Jenny went down and hugged Mike and said to his ears. "In the next round try to beat this guy, he is evil!" And she started to cry and her beautiful outfit was all dirty and wet. They slowly went to waiting room.
Then, was Mike's turn to show his skills. But, somehow he could not focus on battling.
- Come one Mike! Fight, do not get depressed so easily. - Jenny screamed from the crowd. This made Mike feel less sad yet relieved.
He then managed to beat Tierno and Mairin 2:1.
Then last fight was a draw between Jenny and Dawn which were both not in good shape after battle against Darkin.

Mike was not happy today, he went with Jenny on some tea and coffee. They chatted, and at the end Jenny hugged Mike and thanked him for his kind nature.
Group B after today's battles: Darkin 29pts, Mike 28pts, Dawn 18pts, Jenny 11pts, Tierno 7pts, Mairin 2pts, Trevor 1pt.
Tomrrow is last day of group stage and tomorrow's pairs are:
Group A: Ash Ketchum vs Shauna, Ash Ketchum vs Max, Iris vs Alain, Iris vs Max, Trumi vs Alain, Trumi vs Shauna, Serena vs Shauna.
Group B: Mike vs Dawn, Mairin vs Jenny, Mairin vs Trevor, Jenny vs Tierno, Tierno vs Trevor, Trevor vs Dawn, Darkin vs Trevor.
That's it for today.

To be Continued...
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    Mike wants to battle!
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