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the adventers of team moon: part 1/the hungry garchomp!

by vergames

vergames okay if you read the meet the crew here we go so the team goes on adventure but runs into someone with a big apitite!
snake:"so then i said to the big rayquaza your not so tough thats how i got the bandage on my mid-section!" the rest of the team:"wow!" mystic:"did you beat him?" snake:"no..."
moon:"thats why you dont pick a fight with a rayquaza" (meanwhile!) garchomp:"zzzZZzZZ zzzZZzz" *garchomps stomach growls* garchomp:"hmm..where is something to eat"
*they band of heroes come by the hungry garchomp oblivous to the garchomps attack*
snake:"stop! i have a bad feeling about this" *the garchomp sees the heroes!*
garchomp:"STOP RIGHT THERE heh your my lunch and its time to eat" snake:"i said i had a bad feeling about this" *the garchomp stares at them licking his lips!* snake:"GUYS STAY BACK I GOT THIS! hey you big garchomp come at me!" *garchomp attacks! but snake dodges!* snake:"WHAT ABOUT THIS!" *snakes kicks garchomp in the face* garchomp:"GAH why you little! COME HERE!" *snake dodges again* snake:"GET READY TO GO DOWN GARCHOMP!" *snake kicks garchomp in the back garchomp has fainted* the rest of the team:"PHEW!" snake:"i think that garchomp will be out for about i dont know 24 hours! i might be small but i am mighty!" to be continued!