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Fakemon: Paravolt and Thundrolophus

by Luke The Riolu

1515152844734.jpg 1515152896389.jpg
Luke The Riolu This is actually an artwork for a contest lemme tag the jugde in @SS-I Never
Alright now for he Pokedexes *Rotom Voice Activate*
Paravolt : The Tiny Parasaur Pokemon, these creatures roamed the planet many years ago with other dinosaurs, they use thier horn to store power and attack they also use them to warn or to challenge others, they are gentle and will only attack if you harm them. Although small these little dwellers can pack a punch.
Thundrolophus: The Giant Parasaur Pokemon, Thundrolophuses are very furocious and they will strike when you least expects it to, they mostly attack to defend their babies, they live in packs, their horn can summon lightning bolts that can scare of predators and also absorb lightning. It is said that these Pokemon were very powerful back in their time

Ok now that we're done with that let's start with typings, abilities and learnset as well as base stats.
Paravolt : Electric
Thundrolophus : Electric Fighting
These two Pokemon have the same ability Lightning Rod and same hidden ability which is Volt Absorb
Paravolt Base Stats :
HP : 45
Attack : 65
Defense : 35
Sp Attack : 70
Sp Defense : 35
Speed : 70
Thundrolophus Base Stats :
HP : 75
Attack : 80
Defense : 55
Sp Attack : 90
Sp Defense : 55
Speed : 110
Paravolt Learnset :
Lvl 1 . Bite
Lvl 1 . Charge
Lvl 1 . Zen headbutt
Lvl. 7 Thundershock
Lvl 10. Leer
Lvl 14 . Headbutt
Lvl 16. Thunderwave
Lvl 23. Arm Thrust
Lvl 30. Force Palm
Lvl 35. Discharge
Lvl 40. Aura Sphere
Lvl 47. Parabolic Charge
Lvl 50. Thunderbolt
Thundrolophus :
Evo . Karate Chop
Lvl 37. Circle Throw
Lvl 39 Thunder Punch
Lvl 40 Nuzzle
Lvl 43 Focus Blast
Lvl 46 . Wild Charge
Lvl 53 Close Combat
Lvl 55 Detect
Lvl 60 Cross Chop
  1. Zipz
    Hey..I like this Pokemon! I'll copy it and paste it and show it to my friends :D. Just kidding. Because THAT'S ILLEGAL IN MY STATE (I think)!
    Mar 7, 2019
  2. Luke The Riolu
    Luke The Riolu
    Again just like last time, went all creative for the unused type
    Jan 6, 2018
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