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Paper Mario vs Yarn Kirby

by Thieving Fox

Thieving Fox
Paper Mario vs Yarn Kirby
Paper Mario walked around Toad Town, looking for the Star Spirits. Peach was kidnapped again, and this time, Luigi was at his mansion again. However, instead finding Star Spirits, he found a mushroom. He could eat, so he jumped at it. However, it was grabbed by a whip and eaten by Yarn Kirby. Angered at his stolen snack, Paper Mario got into a fight with the pink fluff-ball. Yarn Kirby took pace with the car, rolling towards Paper Mario at high speeds. Paper Mario managed to dodge, but was then hit by a backup. Paper Mario got out his hammer and slammed it down on Yarn Kirby, who countered with his whip, grabbed the hammer and tossed it away. Yarn Kirby then took to the air with rocket, and began sending star bits at Paper Mario, who took out a Bob-Bomb, but the star bits hit it and it blew up when Paper Mario was still holding it. Paper Mario then took out the Scissors Sticker, and chopped at Yarn Kirby. Dreamland’s alter ego hero began running away, then squeezed the scissors shut with his whip and tossed them away. Paper Mario huffed, then jumped up and stomped at his opponent. YT used the weight to protect himself, then became the driller, and dug underground. Paper Mario jumped and grabbed his hammer, waiting for a little whack’ a mole. As the yarn digger sprung up, Paper Mario whacked him in the face. Yarn Kirby was stunned, then whacked continuously. He rode away with luck, then came charging back and rammed into Paper Mario’s….ahem….sticky note. Speaking of sticky, Paper Mario took out the Fan Sticker, which blew Yarn Kirby away. The silk hero knew he had to finish fast, or HE would be finished. Yarn Kirby then had an idea, and grabbed something, tucking it in his whip’s star. Yarn Kirby rolled forward with his car form, ramming extremely fast. Paper Mario was then hit so hard, he went flying up, then landed down on his head. Paper Mario groaned, the gasped. Something that all paper beings feared was in front of him. Scissors. Yarn Kirby sealed them shut, cutting Paper Mario’s head off. Yarn Kirby sighed, then rode away back to Dreamland.
This fight’s winner is: