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Digital: Paintbox Smeargle (GIFT)

by SparkyLewis949

paimtbox gift.png
SparkyLewis949 If y'all aren't into a really plodding story, don't read on. But I did this to thank @PaintBox for everything he's done.

We had a really emotional skype call earlier because he found out I cut. This was really the first time he's seen me cry because of it. I had to thank him for being there for me. He was so understanding and he made me feel like I could actually go to something and I really love him for that fact. He actually came to help. He is down right one of the best men I've ever met and I'm glad to have met him. Thank you so much Tyler.
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  1. SparkyLewis949
    And I cut again. Great
    Jun 16, 2016