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by kairiburned

kairiburned A essay about pachirisu
Pachirisu is a pokemon known well in pokemon platinum pearl and daimond,
Pachirisu contains the colors blue yellow white and black.
Pachirisu is a electric type
Like pikachu pachirisu has small circles on each of its cheeks.
A pikachu in the wild will rub its circles on another pikachus to share energy.
I'm not completely sure but my theory on pachirisu is it can do the same and I also inferred a pikachu and a pachirisu can share energy.
A pachirisu's special ability is "pick up" the ability pick up allows your pokemon to pick up items seen on the ground, the ability is easily accessible simply by visiting a park and walking around for a bit, turn and talk to your pokemon and every once and a while it will have an item it its hand its usually a berry or something for your fashion case, by my research 100-150 steps would bring a puff or a pebble, 200-300 is a leaf or a pebble, 400-500 is a leaf or ?anything really the further you go the better I think at least until you get to 600+ then it loops.
Another ability pachirisu has is "run" if you play pokemon and you are battling a pokemon in the wild you are given the option to run usually if your weaker then the foe you cannot escape but with a pachirisu you can run weather the pokemon is stronger or weaker, one move however just a word of advice if your catching a pachirisu is a move most ghastly have, "scary face" it prevents the pokemon from fleeing or switching out so it can prevent a wild pokemon from running this move is also recourcefull for catching ralts or kirlia since they both very frequently have the move teleport.

-PS pachirisu is my favorite pokemon, that's why I know so muchXD
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  1. kairiburned
    I love pacirisu but don't only catch pacirisu remember...
    All I want to do is catch em all!!!
    Nov 26, 2014